Today we travel to the states to embrace the DOCK SIDE BEACH beauty of Chicago native the black pearl goddess and today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY – Oneka Amara alongside photographer Tarerus Moore, as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder.

Welcome , Oneka Amara & Tarerus Moore 

Oneka tell us a bit more about yourself where you reside from and what type of person you are that makes you so unique?
I was born and raised in Chicago USA , but also lived in Minnesota for a number of years. I am unique because through it all I never give up my passion. I work extremely hard to daily to grow as a person and model. I take almost every opportunity because you never know what that opportunity might lead too. I don’t just depend on my looks I am also very educated, I am attending a prestigious university studying business and Management. I am very strong, I am following my dreams and while raising my toddler. I can do anything with determination and Prayer.

Where did the passion for modeling all start to where you are now ?
In 2011 I attend Western Illinois University as a freshman and joined a modeling troupe. We performed at the homecoming Variety show in front of thousands of students and stuff members. At that moment I knew I was built for modeling, I loved being in the spotlight. I was shy off stage, but a totally different person on stage.

For you give us 3 positive outlooks on modeling …. what makes modeling so interesting and wonderful for you ?
– The Fact that I meet a amazing bunch of creative photographers and get to work with them on modeling projects like Tarerus Moore for example , he is such a amazing photographer with amazing vision and makes me feel so comfortable in front of the camera , plus he helps me a lot with my modeling poses as well.
– Secondly I love the confidence modeling is giving me to express myself and showcase the unique beauty I have , as modeling also open doors of opportunity like today being featured in a high class modeling magazine called MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA , what a dream come true.
– Thirdly all the amazing dresses , designer swim wear and fashion accessories I get to model with what a amazing feeling it truly is a unforgettable moment.

Congrats on being chosen as one of our international MOLLBABE features , how did you feel when you got the amazing news ?
When I got the news from Tarerus and Arne , that I will be featured as a MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature , I was totally overwhelmed with happiness and smiles what a dream come true , thank you so so much for this amazing opportunity.

Tarerus and Oneka , how did you find out about our magazine ?
Tarerus – l was introduced to MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA . through a model and good friend of mine from here in Chicago that also recently got featured as a MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY and covergirl for June Month 2017 . We worked on many projects here together in Chicago and helped each other out a lot , and thats also then how I got connected with Arne as well.
Oneka – Well first of I heard about the magazine through photographer Tarerus and as well as Arne as they both explained to me more in details what MOLLMAG / MOLLMAGSA is and what you all do , plus I did some research on the web as well and I love the way the magazine interacts with its fellow fans , models and photographers plus international artists.

What intrigued you so much about our MAGAZINE and features we do ONEKA and TARERUS ?
Tarerus – What I find intriguing about MOLLMAG / MOLLMAGSA  as a platform is it’s international reach and it’s ability to connect modeling enthusiast from all around the globe and share their stories.
Oneka – I love the AMAZING STYLE the photographers and models showcase and how it all comes together in the interaction in the interesting and fun interviews thats done plus that whole #MOLLMAGFAMILY feeling.

Give us a inside scoop on how this amazing photo shoot was planned out to be , Tarerus?
Well funny that you asked that question. Our shoot actually planned to create flattering and dramatic light using only the sun as our main source of light. By using what’s known as the exposure triangle we were able to create a effect that complemented the subject and gave mood if elegance and beauty.

What type of photography gear and camera did you use on set and LOCATION to do this shoot Tarerus ?
For this shoot i used a Canon 60d with a 50mm lense with a 1.8 fstop. Also use a portable white round reflector to bounce light on the subject’s face to reach the dark area’s. We took the shots on location.

Other than modeling Oneka , give us a glimpse on the other hobbies you have when your not in front of a camera modeling ?
I am also a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I am a mother a beautiful child, and I love dance.

Oneka what is your favorite takeout order you have , and whats your guilty pleasure food wise ?
My favorite takeout food is Chicago deep dish pizza. Unos, Connie, Giordano, and Italian Fiesta!

My favorite TV is Four Weddings
Song: Closer to my Dreams by Goapele
Movie: Coming to America with Eddie Murphy

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