Getting our Glam on in a Dita von Teese kind of way as November month is here and we sprinkle a Boudoir glam touch this month on things as we introduce our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA #MissNovember2017 covermodel MOLLBABE Tersia Oosthuizen alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder plus Boudoir Fusion Photography and the whole team.

Welcome back Tersia , tell us how is the journey for you as one of our local and international MOLLBABE models and how do you find the experience to be for you personally ?

My journey has grown immensely since my last feature, I have been focusing more on growing me and my persona, since my feature I have done a lot more work but more focused on capturing me and who I truly am!

Tersia we are very proud today in saying and announcing that your our MOLLMAGSA NOVEMBER 2017 COVERMODEL MOLLBABE for the month , give us a expression and idea how you feel when you heard and got the news from our CEO Arne Schreuder ?
When Arne approached me I was over the moon, I felt beyond honored, and extremely excited, a lot of planning and prepping went into this shoot and I have to say I think it was one of my best yet! We had an amazing team working on this and the results speak for themselves.

As this shoot was based on a boudoir glam Dita Von Teese inspired look , tell us or give us a glimpse on how this whole theme and idea came about along with you Tersia , Peter Driesel from (Boudoir fusion photography ),  Makeup Artist Tracey Willford Perry ( Brushstrokes Makeup Artistry) , wardrobe Katinka Kruger and our CEO Arne Schreuder ?
From a young age I always found myself admiring the burlesque scene the wardrobes, glamorous make up, music and the extreme sensual sexiness these woman brought to a stage, I remember at school we did a Drama scene and it was absolutely beyond amazing! Ever since I have always admired and looked up at Dita and how she is able to live a life of burlesque and glamor!

Peter , please explain the lighting effects you used for this shoot you did for us in studio ?
When I was given the brief for this shoot, I wanted to create dramatic lighting and therefore chose a beauty dish as my main light source as I wanted to produce a classic look with light that wrapped around Tersia’s face. In some of the shots I also decided to use a gridded strip box as an accent light.

What is the one thing or one memorable moment on set that you will always remember that happened on this NOVEMBER 2017 cover shoot ?

Tersia – The 1st moment after my hair and make up was done and I saw myself I truly felt like one of those girls about to get on stage, Tracey truly made me feel amazing, and I will never forget that! plus all the support and encouragement on set Tracey , Peter , Arne and Katinka gave me in each pose I did in front of the lens it truly made me smile and glow from the inside and helped me a lot to believe in myself that I can do this.

Peter – Where do I begin, from some people trying to  gate crash our shoot…..  to meeting all of you wonderful folk? There were too many for one moment to actually stand out. So all in all  what a amazing feeling to work with such a  bunch of wonderful people and a professional team that we are truly blessed.

Tracey – The most memorable thing I will always remember from this shoot was the incredible team work that went into pulling such an amazing concept off. Without everyone’s input and effort I don’t feel we would have made such an impact we did. Also the laughs and fun we had behind the scenes made the day so much more memorable.

Arne – I love the fact that our visions and concept we had really came to life on set and for me that actually put a true smile on my face and in my heart , and also to see how we all gelled together as a team from the very beginning , as we made some fun moment jokes on set to break the ice as well as when we all needed to be professional we were very much so, in all the glitz glam and fluffy dress feathers around….. Also my mission was to do direct a bit in some of the poses we wanted to with TERSIA that gave it that DITA INSPIRED touch , plus also to  create smiles and make everyone comfortable , and making TERISA , PETER , TRACEY AND KATINKA smile on the day was in my book a A+ because to see everybody happy and love what they do with a huge passion makes me happy inside my heart as always , as I LOVE WHAT I DO AND I DO WHAT I LOVE… will surly work with these ladies and gent in the near future again soon #thatsafact , as I am very proud of everyones teamwork. #DITAVONT inspired team.

Katinka – Tersia actually posted on social media that she was doing a Dita inspired shoot …. having a creative mind I posted a picture of Dita with a similar gown thinking she would do it justice. I decided to jump in and make the Gather Gown for her but with my own twist. I love helping and being part of creativity in most forms. With such an amazing photographer and model AND the whole team  how can my creation not look fabulous……. as I loved every minute and moment together with everyone on set , what a AMAZING team we are #TeamWorkMakesADreamWork.

Tracey please explain how did you get the makeup so on point for Tersia today , give us a sneakpeek into your makeup kit bag of tricks , you had today on the covershoot for us ?
Dita Von Teese is actually one of my muses and when I was asked to be part of this collaboration I jumped on it. Her timeless look is so inspiring. I did a lot of research into her Glam make up look because even though it’s quiet simple there is a lot of work that goes into getting the look spot on right. The three essentials I used was the MUD Lady Bug Lipstick, MUD black liner and the MUD Compact Foundation to give Tersia that flawless finish.

Katinka we hear along the grapevine that you got a hidden talent called designing outfits for Tersia as one of the outfits in the wardrobe of today’s shoot was one of your creations , tell us a bit more about that gather gown you made that actually gave the outfit the #ditainspiredlook ?
Yep thats correct like mentioned I’ve pitched in to design the Gather Gown for her to give it that DITA VON TEESE look and I am so so amazed how it at the end turned out as Tersia truly looked amazing and we all can be very proud of ourselves as our TEAMWORK truly shined plus I also enjoyed being Arne’s personal assistant ” fluffer ” for the day ( wink wink ) and also Peter’s Early Bird lol

Back to Tersia , tell us what is so inspired for you personally about the ( BURLESQUE QUEEN herself DITA VON TEESE )  ?
To be honest just look at her, the way she carries herself, the way she dresses, only the best silk, the best crystals and don’t get me started on how she is an animal activist and does everything herself from her hair color to her styling, make up the list goes on! She is a TRUE WOMAN IN A MILLION.

Tersia tell us a bit more about your love for animals as we noticed you are strong animal activist supporter and want to do more for the animals and wildlife nature you love and keep close to your heart so dearly ?
YES that’s true, I have a deep love for animals, purely because they don’t have a voice, I believe we should love and care for animals, I believe in Cruelty-Free brands and to adopt & rescue rather than buy! I am in the process of adopting two bunnies that were rescued from the Benoni bunny park! We as humans need to stop for a minute and look around at what we are doing to Mother Nature, we are harming animals, cleaning out forests, and making her extremely angry, we need to be kind and nurturing to our nature before it’s to late.

Any pets any please introduce them to us ?
My pets or let’s say my furry family members consists at the moment of two rescue bunnies Miss Dot & Sir Shade along with their barking brother & sister (corgi fattie & chihuahua Bambi) They are quite the characters with amazing personalities!

Tersia what is TRUE BEAUTY in your eyes please explain ?
For me true beauty lies within our souls, it’s what we reflect out onto others, Beauty isn’t a look it’s a feeling!

Peter as a photography what is your number 1 RULE or GUIDELINE you use on a shoot to make a model feel at her most comfortable in studio ?
Always treat your model with respect, get to know them in a non-creepy fashion before the shoot, act professional and the majority of models you work with will feel comfortable. So in essence, the number 1 rule would be to be professionally.

 Peter give us a sneakpeek in whats your favorite Camera equipment to use ?
I personally use a Nikon D800, my favorite lens at the moment is the Sigma 50mm prime, but last week it was the Nikon 135mm. I am not particularly brand loyal to any make of camera, as they all do the same thing at the end of the day, if the only camera I have on hand is my smartphone then that is my favorite camera at that given time.

How do you relax after a hard days work ?

Peter – I love spending time with my 9 year old son, Aiden. Most nights though after I put him to bed I will be found behind my computer editing.

Tracey – After a hard day’s work I enjoy nothing more than to sit with a cup of Tea in my garden and reflect on how blessed I am that I get to do what I love everyday. Also a long hot bath to soak my very tired legs from standing most days on set.

Arne – Let me say this I love my movies , music , coffee , Sport and BBQ’S and late night editing in front of the PC or tablet #beingcreative is in my nature and also spending time with my family after a long day is the best ever , as the saying goes appreciate the small things in life as its the small things in life that counts the most in the end of the day. Plus I will never say no to a #coffeedate or a glass of red wine or whiskey & Ginger Ale ….enjoying it alongside friends I love and care about the most.

Tersia – With a good workout and sauna session and later in my husbands arms (wink wink)

Katinka – Well spending quality time with my son makes me smile all day after a hard worked day, plus I also love to dish up some food as well and also workout in GYM as well , because I’m a fitness athlete myself as well and compete at WBBF comps so catch me in a workout session in the gym and prepping for comps thats me in a happy nutshell. ( Im your fitness Gym Bunny Baby )

 Tersia whats next on your to do list and agenda as a model ?
At the moment I am not planning anything major, I want to take some time and do some charity work for animals and raise awareness for animal testing, have a few ideas , but not giving anything away just yet!

Peter give us a glimpse into your next upcoming project?
Tracey-Lee and I are planning a bath shoot, you will have to join our Facebook pages to see the results

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Photography by Peter Driesel Boudoir Fusion Photography | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | website 


MUA Tracey – Lee Wilford Perry at Brushstrokes Makeup Artistry 

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Wardrobe done by Katinka Kruger 

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Photo shoot directing and article written by :

Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder



Hollywood hair for hair extensions 


and nails done by : Tammy Taylor Nails Faerie Glen