Today we have some Menswear styles and some eye candy for the ladies out there as we meet up with MOLL MAG South Africa MAN OF STYLE Rob McNeal showing his swag as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Rob to find out more.

Tell us a bit more about yourself Rob where you reside from and what makes you being who you are as a man of style ?
Well I was born and raised in St Louis now living in Moberly, Missouri , USA ……. working as a pharmacy tech and part time male model.

How did your passion for modeling all start?
It started about 5 years ago….. someone told me to try out modeling, because I have that #babyface look.

We also hear along the grapevine that you were also part of the very first issue of MOLLMAG USA back when it all began , as you were back then chosen as model of the year , plus you were also part of the Anniversary valentines issue of MOLLMAG USA as well , tell us in your perspective , how much did the MOLLMAG FAMILY and magazine grow since then to now as it is also now international based in SOUTH AFRICA as well as AUSTRALIA , CANADA , Latin America  and USA ?
The Magazine and family was a super close family when I first started…… and now the family keeps growing with very talented people and we all stick together like a wolf pack , and thats amazing to see, all thanks to Ashley Salazar & Arne Schreuder and the whole team.

How do you feel to be chosen as our special feature MOLLMAGSA MAN OF STYLE for our OCTOBER 2017 issue ? 
It’s always an amazing feeling being chosen to show off your own style to the world , I’m thankful and very humbled.

What inspires you in the industry on mens modeling ?
Well I was always called my nicknames were JT & Prettyboy. After my first photo shoot….. felt amazing to show off my style & smile. And love to inspire others you can do anything you want just never give up.

Explain to us what is your go to signature pose as a model ?
I would say love my shades, flat bill hats & showing off my smile

Who would you say is your Favorite photographer you’ve worked with thus far and why ?
Ashley Salazar at – Lady Ashley Photography  ,  because her work is amazing & gives a great vibe while doing you’re photos.

Favorite chill time factor you enjoy to do when your not suited up to model ?
I enjoy relaxing on the patio watching sunsets or any outdoor activities.

We also noticed your a DIE HEART St. Louis Fan …… ICE HOCKEY or BASEBALL whats your preferred game of CHOICE?
Ice Hockey all the way ! Let’s go blues….. ST LOUIS BLUES ……. the #BLUENOTES creating that winning feelin’ on the ICE baby 🙂

Whats your secret to staying young at heart since your a dad as well ? 
You have to enjoy life & never sweat the small stuff.

What does success mean to you , please explain ?
My success means a lot especially ,  because I’m a role model & Dad to my daughter plus all my nephews & nieces. “Show them anything is possible , when you put your mind to it.

FAVORITE MOVIE , TV SHOW , MUSIC TRACK and your ultimate mens grooming product to keep your swagger shine ?
Fast & Furious, American Horror Story, I enjoy all music, Keeping up with TRIMMING that beard and haircut….. always stay clean shaved!

Tell us whats hot in your closet right now for the season mens wear ?
Hottest in my closet would be HURLEY and FOX Racing clothing.

Dream Vacation where in the world would that be for you ?
Definitely a Hawaii vakay will do the trick.

Lets get our comedy minute a buzz …. tell us the most recent joke you heard or told someone or did you play a prank on someone recently ?
I farted on my wallet…. and now I got gas money to drive back home from work LMAO

Favorite inspiring quote you live by ?
Live free & wild

 Whats next on your bucket list for 2017 ?
Travel more or even go on SHIP / BOAT cruise

follow ROB on his social media platforms at : Rob’s Modeling Page Instagram | SNAPCHAT @robert19x6

Article written and edits by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO/ Arne Schreuder