As we Kickoff October 2017 issue we get ready to heat up a ROCKIN SUMMER as we travel to meet up with our MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE covermodel #MissOctober2017 – Abigail Lowe , as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with her and Mike Brooke Photography.

G’day Abi …. Abigial Lowe 

In a nutshell please tell us more about yourself and where you reside from ?
I’m a Gold Coast local, from Queensland AUSTRALIA ,  grew up here always by the beach. I’d like to say I’m a fun person to be around with , spontaneous and bubbly.

When and how did your modeling career start and where do you see yourself in the future of your modeling career ?
I saw Mike Brooke and his daughter Ashley advertising some photo shoot deals and I just thought why not? I can only try. Mike and Ash were amazing and so willing to help me get started so I booked my first photo shoot and since then haven’t looked back. In the future I see myself modeling full time and getting to meet and work with amazing people.

What is it about modeling that you love so much ?
I love modeling because it makes me happy and bring me confidence , I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

What do you consider your best assets to be as a model in this industry ?
I think my best assets would be that I’m friendly, reliable and open to change. I’m always wanting to improve and practicing in the mirror.

If there is 1 thing you can change about yourself to make you a better person in life and in the modeling work you do what would it be and why?
If I could Change one thing about myself it would be to take more risks because the greatest things can come from taking risks.

Where and how did you find out about our MAGAZINE and what is it about us that intrigued you the most to be featured with us today ?
I heard about your magazine from Mike and Ashley Brooke ,  so I had a look at your Instagram. I loved all your posts and what you guys do, how you get to know the people you feature and I knew I’d be so honored to be a part of it all , then I got in contact with Arne that explained it to me how this feature will work and Arne is such a humble guy always giving his best and helped me along the way every step with a smile , I am so so grateful for this 🙂

Explain the feeling you went through when you got the news that you are chosen to be our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA covermodel MOLLBABE for OCTOBER 2017 ?
When I got a message saying I’d be covermodel for the October 2017 issue I was so excited I ran out of my room and told my family about it then called my friend and told her. I really couldn’t believe it.

As summer is here what is your favorite thing to do and enjoy the most in the SUMMER SEASON when your not in front of the camera lens or catwalks ?
During summer I love to relax outside in the sun with my puppies and read a book. I love going to the beach for a walk with my puppies as well.

Lets tingle our taste buds and tell us what SUMMER SEASON sweet treat desert is your favorite you indulge in when you get the chance to do so ?
My favorite summer season sweet treat would be rainbow paddlepops! Even though people say its just vanilla with food coloring no one will change my love for rainbow paddlepops.

Describe your style as a model to us in 3 words ?
Confident. Friendly. Determined.

Your inspiration in life and give us a inspirational quote you live by everyday of your life ?
My inspiration in life is my mum, shes so selfless in everything she does. A quote I like to go by is – ” You’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else ”

Everyone of us has a tempting desire and secret celeb crush we admire , tell us who is yours and what will you do together when you get to meet each other one day in the future ?
My celebrity crush would be James Franco! He is hilarious and insanely attractive and wouldn’t be getting away without dinner drinks and a passionate kiss

Complete the sentence People and your friends would say you are ………. ?
I’m a pretty laid back person, I make people feel comfortable and I’m hilarious too.

Lets have some fun , show us your best or signature dance floor boogie you have and what is your favorite type of music jam you boogie out to in clubs or bars at weekends ?
I love dance music and my go to dance move is shaking my booty on the dance floor.

Most Hilarious pickup line someone used on you to get your attention in a club or a bar ?
It would be “are you a wizard because when I look at you everyone else disappears” LMAO

Lastly we would like to know whats your plans on future modeling shoots and projects you will be doing in 2017 and where on social media can we and our fans and followers follow you on social media ?
For 2017 I plan to do a lot more bikini / SWIMWEAR photo shoot work As well as work my way into fine nude and artistic nude art . I’m traveling to Bali in January 2018 and hope to collaborate with some photographers there also. You can check out my instagram feed and also find follow me on my facebook page in the bio , as I would love the support from each and everyone …… lets get social and connect :

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