Getting our #friskyfever in tune and on note with some guitar strings attached as we interview  MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE Babe of the Day – Carmen Jantjies alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder 

Welcome Back Carmen ,

Tell us how is the MOLLBABE experience thus far for you to be part of us ?
Wow it’s been amazing so far,to be selected for a second time as #MOLLMAGSA #MOLLBABE  babe of the the day…. its always milestone in my life, the support and help from the #MOLLMAGFAMILY is much appreciated.

As a mom tell us how do you juggle being a mother as well as a successful model , whats your secret to it?
Lol secret…….oh well I love being a mother and I love my beautiful 4 year old Atarah Brooklyn Jantjies so much, it’s not always easy to juggle between the two but if you’re a mother…… mother instincts kicks in then you can adapt and be able to do anything. I plan my days, weeks and months that’s what I do so not really a secret.

As we know you would love to play the guitar one day and be a music artist , what is the most amazing guitar solo you’ve heard or listened too and who would you say is your favorite guitar icon you look up to ?
Wow music artist …… well lets just say   to follow my belated dad’s Jacobus Jantjies footsteps as to be able to play the guitar. He was the lead guitarist back in his days for the band he was a member for. Uhmmmmm favorite guitar icon oh wow there is so many……but to mention a few George Benson , Carlos Sentana, Ronny Jordan.

Whats the most spontaneous thing you’ve done in your life thus far ?
It feels good to say it but to be able to bless someone or people with something they deserve,weather it’s love,a hug,donating clothes or to support cancer awareness by doing a photo shoot and get a tattoo (Which will be soon) in this month.

If you could choose 3 of your favorite photo shoot locations as a model in the whole world which and where will that be ?
I haven’t travel that much but to name 3 would be……
-Somewhere in Africa with elephants in the background or a African animal to just show I’m a proud South African and that we care about our country’s majestic wildlife and nature ,
-Mauritius , because it’s so beautiful and it’s beaches is so amazing with their white sand and palm trees and last but not least is.
-Cape Town , because I’m a proudly #Capetonian we have the most beautiful both beaches and mountains with it’s beautiful nature SURROUNDINGS and world class wine farms.

What is the favorite fashion accessory you have and own and why do you say that its your favorite ?
Lol there is to many…….don’t have a favorite, but lets just say a lady like me – I LOVE my shoes and sexy lingerie baby 😉 wink wink.

Your favorite body part aka asset you have as a model give us a glimpse and show and tell ?
Oh my gosh…….uhmmmmm my boobs! its so so #boobalisious ….. lets #freethenipple lol.

Recently in SOUTH AFRICA and worldwide modeling has become also a platform for moms and ladies over the age of 50 to 60 YEARS old as the article and story of South African model and mother and grandmother Maye Musk made airwaves over the internet and social media ……. being a mother yourself whats your take on this ?
It’s amazing……first off all…… you never to old to be a model, secondly even though you’re a mother you can still shine out there and live your dream as a model.

Whats the one piece of advise you can give fellow and up coming models in the industry of today ?
Live your dreams,if modeling is your passion go for it don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way to even becoming a professional model. ” Be proud to be you and no one else ”

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