Get ready for a Country girl Beauty Rodeo as we strap dem’ boots up with newest MOLLBABE Lauren Carter and CEO Arne Schreuder and also Jcsmooth Photography this OCTOBER 

Welcome Lauren,

Tell us a bit more about yourself and who Lauren is and what is it about you that makes you so unique as a person plus where do you reside from?

Originally from Maryland USA , but moved to Melbourne Beach Florida Miami USA  about 2 years ago, and absolutely love it. I’ve spent my career in the world of fashion, and currently I am a wardrobe stylist & consultant. But I love filling my free time with photo shoots.

Where did your modeling career all start to where you are today?

My interest started in high school, but I never gave it serious consideration since I’m only 4’11. But the more I learned about modeling, I realized I still had opportunities to take advantage of, despite being vertically challenged. Moving down to Florida allowed me to have a fresh start with new photographers and new concepts to tackle. Today I’m continuously working to step out of my box and collaborate with creative minds.

What type of Modeling genres do you enjoy to do and focus on the most in the industry ?

Moving to Florida meant bikinis 24/7 365, which is the best part about Florida. After about a year, I realized there was so much more potential here, so I started doing fashion, glamour, and lifestyle as well. I don’t think I can pick a favorite, it’s constantly changing for me.

What or who inspired you to take up modeling as a hobby or career ?

There wasn’t someone in particular who made me look into modeling, it was just the industry in general.

Describe to us what was the vibe for both of you working together on set and what will you take away from this photo shoot one thing that happened on set that you will always look back on and say this is why i loved the photo shoot we did ……. please explain ?

Lauren : Jonathan – ( Jcsmooth Photography )  is amazing, his energy is infectious and impossible NOT vibe with. He comes prepared with such creative and detailed concepts, that some photographers lack in my opinion. The details make all the difference in an image. Jonathan gave me so much input and advice on how to make the most out of the shoot, and modeling in general, that I walked away genuinely appreciative for his feedback.

Johnathan : Well first I have to brake the ice make her believe in what I say make her feel that she’s doing what I want and make her feel sexy and it always works , it was so easy working with Lauren she’s a shining star very sweet & full of joy, love the fact she’s so ready for any style or look I had in mind. Any idea I had in mind she has something to add to it as we did the shoot.

Lauren how did you find out about our Magazine and how did you feel when you got the exciting news that you’ll be our MOLL MAG USA MOLLBABE COVER MODEL for OCTOBER?

Well , I was introduced to Moll Magazine by Jonathan ( Jcsmooth Photography ) , and when he told me about the MOLL MAG USA cover, I couldn’t believe it! I am forever grateful to everyone involved with this opportunity! , As then we both connected with Editors Arne Schreuder from South Africa and also Ashley Salazar from USA …… as they both totally made this a dream come true for me, thank you so much , as both Ashley and Arne are very professional in the work they do together and also making us models feel accepted for whom we are and what we stand for in life.

How would fellow modeling peers and photographers you worked with describe you in 3 words?

Enthusiastic, Daring, and Dedicated.

If you could get a chance to have done something in your life over from the start what would that be and why Lauren ?

I wouldn’t spend as much time and energy on people who didn’t have my best interest at heart. Now I am more selective about the people I let in close to me.

FAVORITE TV SHOW and Movie, Favorite Food dish you make or enjoy …. Your Favorite piece of clothing or fashion accessory you cant go without ? Turn Ons and Turn Offs ?

  • Favorite TV show – hands down its Game of Thrones
  • Movie – It’s definitely a tie between E.T and Star Wars…
  • Food dish – The right answer should be kale, but it’s mac & cheese.
  • Favorite Clothing/Accessory – Heels. And they have to be sky high.
  • Turn Ons – A sense of humor, adventurous, good kisser.
  • Turn Off – Poor hygiene, or guys who don’t take care of themselves in general.

What was the most recent thing you did with your friends that made you laugh out loud?

Watching Impractical Jokers… I can’t get enough of that show.

If you could be president of your country for a year or 2 what is the first thing that you will change to make life better for you as a women and for the country’s citizens ?

Free puppies for everyone.

What makes you feel sexy and proud to be a woman of today’s lifestyle ?

I have the freedom to do, say, and wear whatever I want.

Lets get Romantic what would be a Perfect date night for you Lauren ?

Dinner and drinks is nice and all, but planning something adventurous and creative is even better. I have an open mind… surprise me.

CITY GIRL or Country Girl which will you choose to be and why ?

Honestly…both. Some days I want to move to the country and live on a farm, but I’ve also lived in downtown Los Angeles, and I love the city life as well.

Lauren what is the best advice you can give fellow models and up and coming modeling talent that wants to follow in your footsteps today?

Take only the opportunities you are comfortable with. Don’t do a shoot that’s against your values or your comfort zone, just to get exposure. And don’t take it too seriously. There will be a whole lot of unwarranted criticism, learn to brush it off.

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Photography credit : Jonathan Castellanos at Jcsmooth Photography | Instagram