Time for some Hot Summer frisky flashes with our newest MOLL MAG South Africa international redhead beauty MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Jayden Williams as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder

Welcome Jayden , 

Tell us who Jayden Williams and what makes you to be you and whom you are and where do you reside from ?
Who I am would be a silly, energetic person who loves to make people laugh and smile. I am also very caring and I love kids and that is why I am studying neuroscience to hopefully become a pediatric surgeon. I come from a small town in Illinois , USA….. so that definitely makes me a small town girl.

Modeling , where did the interest and passion start for you to be a model in your spare time ?
Ever since I was little, for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to model. I use to be told that I was very photogenic and would practice poses at home. I would always watch “America’s Next Top Model” and I would want to be just like those girls. To me, modeling is an expression of art and it is so beautiful the way the models and photographers chose how to express their art in poses, makeup and clothing.

Other than modeling what else do you do as a occupation and what else do you have and enjoy to do as hobbies ?
Other than modeling my other occupation right now is school. I am choosing to study a harder major to hopefully get into medical school and that takes up a lot of my time. My hobbies would include reading, I love to read medical books and holocaust books. Books are a way of learning and I really love to read. I also love to walk my two dogs, go on hikes and love to workout!

You also worked as a waitress in a few bars and sports bars , so we would like to know whats the most funniest BAR JOKE YOU HEARD or told someone about spill the beans and make us laugh?
I think the funniest joke I have heard while working at a bar would be “ Why does Santa Clause have such a huge sack? Because he only comes once a year” LMAO

Your Favorite MOVIE / TV SHOW , MIDNIGHT FOOD SNACK and indulging sexy Lingiere you own to flaunt that sexy curves of yours ?
My favorite movie would have to be “Life Is Beautiful” and “ Steal a Pencil For Me.”  My favorite show would be “Narcos”.  I love chocolate covered pretzels as my midnight snack.  My Favorite lingerie to wear to flaunt my curves would be this white bra top and lace, underwear.

What would you say is your favorite body part and assets you have to make the men take note of who you are  in a crowd ?
My favorite body part would have to be my booty and my eyes. I think the assets that stick out that men notice in a room would have to be my red hair and how small I am. I also think when they get to talking to me they like how sarcastic ad funny I am and also how smart I am.

Any hidden talents please share ?
My hidden talents would defiantly have to be that I can dance on pointe shoes because I danced just classical ballet for almost 15 years. Also that I can hit a softball pretty good and that I can catch pretty good because I played softball and was just a catcher for 12 years. I am also very good with kids and people don’t realize that until they see me with kids, they also don’t know I was a nanny in Australia for 3 months! aka Au Pair

What makes you proud to be a woman in todays lifestyle ?
Would be that expressing your sexuality is more welcomed and accepted now. If a women want’s to be a stripper / strip club or night club dancer… a lot of women encourage her and applaud her in that profession , and a lot of women are not putting other women down or shaming them for that fact.

Fashion and style is unique in its own right , whats your fashion and style that makes you unique in whom you are Jayden?
My fashion makes me unique because I love to wear heels with everything and I also love to wear certain lingerie pieces as tops and a lot of people don’t do that so that defiantly catches people’s eye.

Whom or what inspires you in life ?
Would defiantly be my dad and grandfather. My dad is such a hard worker to make sure we have everything we need/want. The way he treats my mom’s makes me have such high standards because he shows me how a woman should be treated by a man. My grandfather, almost became a priest and then he met my grandmother who was his neighbor and fell in love. He also fought in Vietnam and served our country and saved so many lives. He is still a devoted catholic who goes to church an reads the bible and when my father was in high school, he let so many of his friends who needed a place to stay live with them. He also loves my grandmother so much that he shows me how I should be treated by a man. They both are such good people and hard workers and they inspire me everyday to try to be a nice and caring person to everyone I meet and to always reach out to someone if they need help.

Secret celeb crush and why ?
Would be Anthony Kiedis. He is such an amazing singer, I really love his voice and I also really love the Red Hot Chilli Peppers . He was really attractive when he was younger and I still think he is as attractive now as well.

Favorite Dream vacation where would that be in the world and how would you spend it ?
My Dream vacation would be to Bali! I would go scuba diving, sun tan on the beach, meet some of the locals and would ride four wheelers / Quad bikes on the beach and just hangout in my swimsuit the whole time.

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