Today we check our flight plans and get our test pilot gear in check with the angelic beauty of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Antoinette Marie as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder

Welcome Antoinette Marie,

Give us a glimpse in who you are and where you reside from Antoinette ?
I’m a small town girl living and loving so Southern California USA.

How did your modeling career start to where you are today ?
My modeling career started as a fun idea with a friend who set up my first shoot. Now it’s a passion and love for me.

What other modeling achievements and have you accomplished thus far and tell us what other magazine features did you feature in along side this INTERNATIONAL MOLLBABE model feature with us today at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA ?
I have been in several magazines since my first cover with Lowrider many years ago. Most recently I have been in the cover of Badd Magazine and featured in Players, Prototype and Vizual magazine.

Any nicknames , whats the story behind the name on your Instagram feed called #SoCalBarbie
I have tons of nicknames especially with Antoinette being so long. I have nicknames such as Annette and Toni. The so cal Barbie started just as Barbie then it became #SoCalBarbie due to me living in Southern California.

We’ve noticed you do a variety of modeling shoots themes like glamor , boudoir , catalog , pinup and cosplay photo shoots as a model , so we would like to know which one of these mentioned is your favorite if you should pick 1 ?
I love variety! It keeps things interesting. If I had to pick I would say I love doing glamor and cosplay.

COSPLAY character which one is your favorite and why ? 
This is such a hard question…. The thing I love about cosplay cause it’s endless possibilities I can be supergirl today and catwomen tomorrow. I did love doing super girl since I am a huge superman fan.

Lets have a giggle THAT LOL MOMENT, whats the most hilarious  joke you’ve heard or told someone recently?
Hmm I’m very silly with my family and friends. This past Sunday I went on an adventure with my friend to the middle of nowhere to check out the church from Kill Bill we laughed about us being a horror movie in the making and took pictures being silly.

If you could have a special power to use from your favorite Cosplay character , which power would that be and why ?
I love airplanes and flying so I would say flying like supergirl.

Favorite ways to relax after a big day in front of the camera ?
A glass of wine and dinner with a friends. 

What would be your dream occupation , please tell us ?
I would love to run a animal rescue.

If you win the LOTTERY today , what would be the first thing you will do with the winnings and money ?
I would pay off my house and then open a Animal rescue.

Give us your signature model pose you have ?
lol hmmm do I have one? #STRIKEAPOSE

Your favorite body asset feature you absolutely adore and love about you and that your fans also love and like about you?
I would probably say I like my eyes best but my fans would probably say my DDs #Funbags .

Any other talents besides modeling …….. spill the beans and share with us ?
Well are you ready for this ……. I can put on lipstick with my boobs like in the movie from the breakfast club. Lol…. let me show you ( wink wink )

A secret you keep or that someone told you recently …… today is the day to share that secret of yours with us today ?
lol I never share secrets  never kiss and tell lol 😉 wink wink

Your favorite Travel destination as a model and why ?
Anything tropical… I love beaches!

Lets open your go to makeup kit what will we find ?
Ooo lots of neutral colors. I love golds and bronzes.. tons of MAC, Tart and Urban Decay makeup.

Favorite TV SHOW  , MOVIE and Music you listen to ?

– Ooo.. my favorite shows are Greys Anatomy and Scandal.

– My favorite movies are ( I LOVE THE CLASSICS ) ,  Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Dirty Dancing.

– Music I love all music besides heavy metal. Listen to everything pretty much depending on my mood.

Every girl loves to shop , so where would we catch and find you do shopping the most at which store is your favorite ?
I love Victoria Secret I have a lingerie but I also love shoes… So I spend a lot of time in shoe stores as well.

Whats next on your bucket list where to from here ?
I want to travel more and be more adventurous. You name it I wanna go and experience it. Modeling wise I would like to be on a billboard.

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