Tis The SEASON Lets be festive in Love and Peace as December month is here and we have some Festive Season Christmas Angel wishes to make come true as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MISS DECEMBER 2017 MOLLBABE Cover Model Jennifer Linnea.

Merry Christmas Happy Festive Holiday’s Jennifer ,

Welcome Back Jennifer , tell us how is the journey of being a MOLLBABE model treating you and what other projects have you been up to since we featured you last time a while ago ?

Thank you!!! A lot has happened since my last feature… I am now partners with a well known photography business, I’m up to 7 covers now and featured in over 50 publications.  It’s been a blast & I’m so excited and thankful for being chosen as your December 2017  Cover Model !

Congrats on being chosen as our 2017 DECEMBER MOLLMAGSA cover model for our festive season special how does it make you feel to be our covermodel and #MissDecember2017 ?

I am very thankful to be chosen for the December cover of this amazing magazine. You all are AMAZING!! Thank you so much. xoxoxo

Explain to us How you and our CEO Arne Schreuder came up with this amazing Christmas Angel concept for the cover shoot ?

Arne approached me with the opportunity to be a cover model & I was ecstatic. He mentioned a Christmas Angel/Holiday theme….. so we came together with some amazing ideas  and the photographer Michael Laughlin & I made it happen a week later!! I’m so excited to share this set with you all!










Feeling Festive this time of year whats so special for you as a mom and a model about Christmas ?

I love the holiday season…. and having kids makes it even more fun and special !! as I love baking cookies, decorating the house, & most importantly.. spending time with my family and making memories with my loved ones.

What is the one gift you would like to receive and or give to someone special for this festive season ?


I would like to give the gift of hope and motivation to women struggling with self confidence issues.. I myself struggled for most of my life, and just in the last few years I finally learned how to love myself to whom I am despite my flaws & that’s the greatest feeling in the world.

Favorite Christmas Carol , Favorite Christmas food dish , Favorite Christmas Tradition you have with family ?


Favorite Christmas Carol is Silent night. Favorite dish is my grandmother’s ham dish and my sister’s mashed potatoes  dish mmmmm…… yum yum 😉

Let’s turn back the clock a bit what is the happiest moment from your childhood as a kid seeing it is the festive season and cheer , what is the one thing you will remember from you happiest moment of CHRISTMAS back when you were a child ?


Spending Christmas with my grandma was the best times ever …… as  She passad away in 2014,  but as a child spending the holidays with her was the best.  I miss her cooking. Her smell.  Her smile. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to me. #blesshersoul








Favorite Christmas Movie to watch and why ?


The 1983 Drama A Christmas Story , By Bob Clark ,  Starring: Peter BillingsleyMelinda DillonDarren McGavin ( I’ve always wanted a leg lamp.  Lol )

If you have one wish this Christmas festive season what would it be , share with us ?

It would be #WorldPeace for sure


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Photography credit by : MICHAEL LAUGHLIN OF ML IMAGE

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ARTICLE WRITTEN EDITS and INTERVIEW BY : Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO