Modeling at work as we suit up our ties and working office attire with a spicy new modeling look as our CEO ARNE SCHREUDER meets up with today’s newest international MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE beauty Cristal Catalina 


Welcome Cristal ,


Tell us a bit about yourself who you are and where you reside from ?


My name is Cristal Catalina, and I am born and raised in Orlando, Florida, USA. It is very rare to meet a true to the heart Floridian, who has lived in her hometown throughout her whole life. “O-Town baby all the way ! “



How did your modeling career begin and take shape to where it is right now as a career for you also please give us a glimpse into other modeling achievements you achieved through the years ?


Modeling runs in my blood. My grandmother was a model, and she felt that I had what it took to be a model. She started teaching me at a very young age how to care for myself regarding skin care, personal hygiene, hair, nails, makeup, beauty, fashion, styling etc. My grandmother mentioned that these things were crucial and important to live by daily in order to satisfy the role of a model. In order to be a model, you would have to carry yourself like one at all times because you do not know who could be watching. She taught me how to be the woman, and model that I am today. I was taught how to carry myself hygienically, how to walk with confidence, how to present myself in public with class and elegance, how to dress accordingly to the themes and/or events, etc… The list goes on and on… It seemed that she was training me how to be a model since I was born. LOL I started modeling at the age of 13, so I started making big strides with my career at a young age. Things were different back then because technology was not even near advanced as it is today. Back then, we only had prints, so we had no idea how the poses and/or pictures would turn out until they were fully developed. Once the prints were developed, we would look at them on a light table, so we could see the film more clearly. We would use a special magnifying eye piece to find the right print for portfolio use, promotional use, and/or for publication, etc.

As far as my modeling achievements goes the list is a big one and it still is growing bigger by the day as I am truly proud of it …. so here goes embrace yourselves…….

Ive been featured as a PBMS PLAYBOY MISS SOCIAL contestant back in the days as well as Ive been a feature Playboy model for PLAYBOY MEXICO as well and I also featured in a few other online magazines like MODELZ VIEW MAGAZINE , PULSE MAGAZINE , EASYRIDERS BIKE MAGAZINE , STROBE MAGAZINE and many more , plus I also took part in loads of online modeling contests. for example like mentioned PBMS PLAYBOY MISS SOCIAL as well as MISS JETSET MAGAZINE 2017 contest as well and many more, and finally the one that I am most proud of is the feature as a international MOLLBABE model of the day for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA today , I am so so stoked and happy with a huge smile ( wink wink )


Whats your favorite genre or theme of modeling you like the most and focus on ?


Honestly, I love to shoot pretty much every genre because I tend to get bored when I shoot the same thing over and over. I like to get creative, and work with talent that are on the same page as me. You do not want a portfolio that is missing all types of genre because then when a client is interested in hiring you, and you do not have the images they are looking for then you lose those job offers. The more genres that you have in your portfolio will benefit the model to getting more paying job offers at the end of the day.



Thinking outside the box for a moment what type of modeling photo shoot would be a ultimate dream come true for you ?



I would love to go on a 5-7 day cruise and shoot at all of the destination hot spots. I would want to be spontaneous because on these cruises you have no idea what you can run into that could be the perfect location to get the perfect shot. I am dying to shoot at a beautiful cave (Mermaid style) on pearly white sand with gorgeous waterfalls in crystal clear water. I just LOVE shooting in the water, but I have not shot in this type of water that has fulfilled my photo shoot fantasy. UGH! I’ve came close many times…


What is it of modeling that you enjoy the most and what inspires you to do better at each new project and photo shoot you do in front of the camera lens ?

I love meeting new talent (Photographers), who I can build a long term working relationship with, and we continue to grow as a team to create new magic each and every time. I tend to call the industry, “My family,” because I have been in this industry for so long that I have known many people for years, and I consider these people my family more than my own blood. I make sure that at every new shoot, and every new project that I capture that perfect moment. I put myself in the zone, and I pose away. “Modeling is a form of acting, but instead of expressing yourself freely you express yourself in a stilled manner while posing.”



What makes you feel beautiful when you do the given photo shoot at the given time ?

I always feel beautiful. In order to have a successful shoot, you have to have confidence in yourself, and you have to have the right attitude to get the job done. In the process of shooting, enjoy the feeling of being beautiful knowing the pictures that are being created are going to be the next million dollar shot.



In modeling ……what is the best piece of advice you’ve received?


” To be a successful model, carry yourself as a model because you never know who could be watching.”


Explain to us your go to routine you do before a big day of a photo shoot for you ?


I am constantly prepping and pampering myself daily. You have to keep up with your looks, your skin, your hair, your nails, etc… You cannot wait until the last day before the shoot to take care of yourself. You will lose your mind! LOL


After a big model photo shoot and trip , what is the first thing you do when you get back home ?

I take the day off from answering emails, phone calls, text messages, voice mails etc… and I make the day about my beautiful family including MY LITTLE fur babies as well.


Other than modeling what is your interests and hobbies ?

I love animals like seriously too much LOL I love cooking, reading, working out, nature, beach, movies, playing sports such as softball and volleyball, writing, art, modeling LOL, traveling, dancing, music…



We hear along the grapevine your a HUGE SPORT FAN FANATIC which sports is your favorite to watch and which teams do you support MLB / NBA / NFL / NHL ?

Well Yes I love my sport …… MLB- Detroit Tigers, NBA- Miami Heat, NFL- Detroit Lions, NHL- Detroit Red wings , as well as I love Boxing and MMA very much…… I’m a BIG FAN of it. 


What or who inspires you in life to be the person and woman you are today ?

My grandmother and my mom.


Your also a huge animal LOVER introduce us to your pets you have today ?

Oh yes… I have a fluff ball, Peekapoo (Poodle and Peekinese) named Teddy, who spends a lot of his time traveling and on accompanying me on photo shoots alongside me. Yes, my dog models! LOL He doesn’t just model, he loves to sing, talk, play ball, travel, cuddle, etc I have a beautiful, white male cat with little bits of Orange on his coat, and beautiful green/yellow eyes. His name is Mozie. He was definitely meant to be when my son and I got him. I ended up having to adopt him. I got Mozie when he was about 8 weeks old. He is such a goofball, and will do anything to make you laugh. He loves to cuddle, but he can be grumpy at times if he doesn’t get his sleep. LOL Surprisingly, I ended up getting a female kitten after my mom’s dog, Coco, passed away. When I saw her, I just knew she was everything that I was looking for with her type of breed. She is a long haired, light colored Calico with white paws, and an AWESOME personality to match. Her name is Daisy, and she knows she is spoiled. Believe it or not, she loves to play ball. I literally have a female kitty that loves to play ball LOL


How does it feel to finally be known as one of our international MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE modeling beauties ?

Literally, the BEST THING EVER!!!! How long have we been waiting to get me on board? FOREVER!!!! I am finally on board whooohooo, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA , I am so glad to be finally part of the #MOLLMAGFAMILY a huge thanks to all my supporters and fans plus photographers I work with who believes in me day in day out , as well as Arne Schreuder and Ashley Salazar that made this dream of mine come true , and  I hope to get featured with the print magazine as well as having a nice COVER to go with it! in the future soon  ( wink wink )



In your own words describe to us the following #BeautyThatInspires ……. ?

If you have a heart of gold that inspires beauty within, then your physical beauty will magnify and GLOW!


We also discovered that you are a certified and specialist in Plastic / Re constructive Surgery and Dermatology , please explain to our followers and fans out there what does that mean ?


I am a licensed Medical Aesthetician/Skin Care Practitioner/Medical Health Advisor who specializes in Dermatology, Plastic & Reconstructive surgery, Laser treatments, Laser hair removal and Electrology. That means ……..

I strive for perfection in helping people improve their skin and medical health needs by treating them within my scope of practice. I have dealt with a lot of patients pertaining to birth defects, deformities from an injury, bad cosmetic surgery job gone wrong, skin cancer patients, burned patients as well as patients who have concerns regarding their skin health, current skin conditions and/or disorders. I would work with a top notch qualified surgeon in the OR with these kind of patients that I mentioned by helping them improve their self esteem Aesthetically. Not all of my patients have to go under a knife. It can be a simple procedure by doing a laser treatment, a skin treatment, or simply teaching a patient their skin care protocol for their home care regime.



Where to from here whats next to happen in your bright light career for you in the future give us a sneak peek into your next upcoming project ?


Well lets just say ……. At this particular moment, I am unsure. I am taking things one day at a time , as I am just getting back in the swing of things with my career, and I know it wont take long before the fun things start kicking in. The best thing I would advise to everyone is to follow me on all my social media accounts, so you can keep up to date on my new and surprising adventures thank you and much love to all.

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