Bringing the Music Beats of the Dance Underground to life with the Beauty and talent of newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international model MOLLBABE and DJ ….. Jana Lysáčková aka DJ VAMPIRE as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder.


Welcome , Jana 



Tell us where you reside from and who you are in a nutshell ?

Good Afternoon everyone , my name is Jana , I’m a international model and Music DJ from Prague, Czech Republic in Europe  I am a very easygoing, nice and sociable person., I love to travel the world and showcase my talents as a DJ and a Model in the industry.

How did your modeling career start ?

Well I was introduced in the modeling industry by a friend of mine….. and then I also took part in some online modeling contests and got noticed , as I featured as a PBMS ( PLAYBOY MISS SOCIAL ) model and contestant a long while ago , there Ive met loads of models , photographers and also fans that supported me through the journey and still do ……… as I met Ashley Salazar and Arne Schreuder as they were also a part of the PBMS setup and also supported me through my modeling career which is a true blessing , because here I am today as a MOLLBABE model and part of the #MOLLMAGFAMILY.

Give us a small sneak peek of your achievements as a international model ?

Like mentioned PBMS ( PLAYBOY MISS SOCIAL )  is where it began after that I  then I also got featured in MAXIM USA and also other online based international magazines plus today I am really happy to announce that I am also now a international MOLLBABE feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA , all thanks to Arne and Ashley . (wink wink )

How did your passion for DJ and Music start tell us about that ?

I love Dance music very much and also produce my own DJ sets and tracks , Music and DJing is in my blood for a long long time now. As I wanted to showcase my skill not just in front of a camera lens but also behind the mixing music turntables on the world stage.

Whats the Story behind your DJ nickname aka DJ VAMPIRE ?

DJ VAMPIRE is the name and being the Queen of underground dance music is my game and aim turning your Music fantasy into a sublime work of Fangtasy art making you bow down to my Music world where only the Queen Vamprie aka DJ VAMPIRE rules and no one else ……. can you feel my fangs making you want more of what I do wink wink.

Tell us what Type of Music Genre do you love to play for the crowds that support you and thats part of your Fangtasy land ?

I very much like to mix TransHouse , Deep House, into my sets I do plus also mixing it up with some Old School hits as well.

Which would you say is the Biggest Music Events you made your music skills make name for yourself ?

I performed at ULTRA FEST in Miami USA as well as ULTRA FEST in South Africa , then I also attended TomorowLand  , and I would really like to do it again if I get the chance once more to go.


For which Radio Stations do you perform on a weekly and weekend bases ?


Well like Ive mentioned as a DJ I travel the world a lot and get so see all the amazing countries in the world…… I am a resident DJ and perform on Radio stations across the world like :

More Bass , in France , also Tempo Radio in Mexico plus Radio Emotions as well as Beats2dance Radio

What do you like to do to relax and rewind after a busy day at work ?

I enjoy reading a good book, chilling out with friends, listening to music, taking in sporting events and traveling all over the world. Otherwise , you will catch me in my studio at home working and creating new fresh Music Beats for my upcoming Radio shows and events as you cannot get me away from a music turntable and my MUSIC software baby ( wink wink )



Whats next for you on your Agenda as a DJ and Model Jana ?

Oops that reminds me I need to pack my bags and got to run for the next flight out….. hehehe you can please follow me on my social media accounts as I keep them updated constantly of where I will be at for my next international gig or show same goes for my modeling as well all info are on my social media pages.

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Article written interview and edits by : Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO