Today we explore the  summer glowing beauty of the all so captivating class of our newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international #MOLLBABE Crystal Brooke as our CEO Arne Schreuder joins her pool side for today’s interview.

Welcome Crystal Brooke , 

Tell us who Crystal Brooke is in a nutshell and where you reside from ?
Well I reside from Alberta Canada , but recently moved to Los Angeles California USA ,  I would say I’m very independent, bold, and not a crowd follower. I believe that you are only as strong as your weakest link so I keep my circle strong.

How did your modeling career start and take shape to where you are now ?
I was 17 years old and was approached in a mall for a movie casting , through that I was signed to an agency but received more movie calls then modeling calls , so  not much has changed from then.

As we come to notice you also through the years of your modeling career also took part in the PLAYBOY MISS SOCIAL ERA give us a insight on how you’ve grown as one of the PLAYBOY MISS SOCIAL beauties to our newest #MOLLBABE international BABE OF THE DAY beauty ?
PBMS was a great experience I loved every minute of it. Through PBMS I met Ashley Salazar, that was also part of the models that took part and then she introduced me to Arne as well that was at that time part of the voting judges panel that took part in supporting the PBMS models , as they both Arne and Ashley was so kind to help me through the PBMS JOURNEY and proses as they wanted to feature me as a MOLLBABE model in their amazing international MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA magazine a long time ago ,   I believe we meet certain special people at just the right time to heal us and help us grow for a lifetime. PBMS gave me the opportunity to build friendships and now as a MOLLBABE and part of the MOLLMAGFAMILY  I can and will continue to do build and grow my friendships even more , while also building new ones along the way all thanks to Ashley and Arne as they both are true gems in helping our modeling community grow not just on a local scale but also international as well, I cant explain how proud I am of them and of myself being where we all are today , as this journey is so amazing beyond words.

Along with todays MOLLBABE feature what other monumental modeling achievements did you achieve in the past few years thats the most memorable to you as a model in your modeling career?
Well my modeling career took a backseat a bit for a while after my PBMS journey, as I mostly focused on my personal life and my Movie and TV acting career, as I starred in TV shows like : Fargo, Millionaire matchmaker, Dating Rituals and Married by mom and dad.

What other talents do you have and focus on these days ?
Well I’m very interested in photography myself as well as technology also.

Give us 3 best quality’s of yourself that describes your beauty?
Driven, confident, kind.

Which would you pick: being world-class attractive, a genius or famous for doing something great?
Doing something great, obviously. Being loved for being loving is the greatest love of all.

Favorite ways to relax ?
Spending a relaxing time pool side is the best therapy for me.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?
New years ( New Years Eve ) , because I love to set myself new goals and new challenges for the brand new year.

Who would you say is your celebrity crush and why ?
Funny enough living in LA  I don’t have a crush on any celeb what so ever , as I would rather lock eyes with the handsome stranger walking beside me or crossing my way , wink wink.

How would you spend a romantic getaway ?
For me nothing beats a romantic Weekend drive up the hill sides spending it in nature retreats  of LA to get away from all the hustle and bustle.

In todays day and age , what would you say is the most learned lesson someone can teach or learn someone IN TODAYS WORLD?
The only thing people remember is how you make them feel , whatever your lifestyle remember that and be kind caring and loving towards the people you interact with as love and kindness concur all at the end.

If you could receive a gift or give someone else a gift what would it be ?
Friendship kindness and love , and my friends I make means the world to me.

Your favorite piece of fashion accessory this season and why ?
I love my Sunglasses , I change them up every chance I get I’m a lady that loves her elegant look of shades.

Whats next on your #bucketlist ?

Well like I’ve mentioned I love Photography and technology so gonna focus on that much more.
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