Today we heat up that Fashionable feelings as we introduce to you all our newest international MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE feature as our CEO Arne Schreuder meet up with a lady that makes FASHION AND BEAUTY of modeling glow with potential and desire as we sat down to interview MOLLBABE Stephanie Pellot

Welcome Stephanie ,

Give us a inside look on who you are and where you reside from Stephanie Pellot ?
“I’m a free spirit woman” I’m not afraid to lose because I’m ready to win. Mother of two, wife working on my career as model and business women naturally from Puerto Rico living in Orlando Florida

How did your modeling career all start for you to where you are right now ?
My first steps as model was at 17 when I was studying in a beauty school from there I began to see a passion for show to the World my style and who I am.Collaborate with a few photographers in PR and in Florida always pushing me to the public eye, building my social media pages and expose my self in a positive way.

What is it about modeling you find so interesting ?
The fact that I can collaborate with international known photographers in PR and that I can work with here in Florida Miami , as the photographers help me alot to build up my brand and name as a model with amazing portfolios and photo shoot sets just like this one today that I am featured in as a international MOLLBABE feature.

As the years change with technology fashion and style , what is the 3 things you would say that you’ve noticed as a model that considerably changed the modeling and fashion scene of today’s world ?
Through the years I manage my career by my self , as my influences I have are TV Stars. Since I began my journey in modeling,  I never stop working to be a better and more professional model, right now I’m the face of my own Clothing brand S:PeLlot Boutique by Stephanie Pellot, at March 2017 S:Pellot Boutique launched the first collection “Exotic Couture” inspired by myself as a strong determined and exotic woman that I am and using social media to showcase and advertise my boutique and brand as a model and a business woman is the perfect platform for it to grow in the future.

Any hobbies you focus on and are interested in ?

    • I love working on my designer clothing collection and boutique store
    • I also love to Gym and stay healthy and fit.
    • Competitive Race car and Drag racing track side on the Miami INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SPEEDWAY.

What makes you confident on set as a model in front of the camera lens ?
The fact that I’m just being myself the best that I can be and showing the world that women like us can also be beautiful in their own unique and gifted way….. that is what makes me feel confident when I am in front of the camera lens.

What do you find most relaxing to do after a long day’s work ?
The most relaxing time after a long day for me , is when I’m in bed with my kids just watching TV holding hands cuddling and just enjoying being a MOM for them. I LOVE  my kids as they are my world…. they give my heart all the love I need.

If we don’t find you in the photo shoot studio modeling in front of the camera , where else would we find you any other occupation you do on a daily bases ?
I am a very versatile woman if I’m not modeling I’m working at my online boutique clothing store, or at the gym or at my favorite one is that you most probably find me at the MOTOR SPEEDWAY Race track at weekends ……. Yes you heard right the RACE TRACK as I love racing cars and Drag racing as well. ( wink wink )

What is the happiest memory you have that you can think back and say that was really worth it to do and made you smile ?
A part from my kids and lovable husband that makes me happy each day  , the one other memory and moment that would stand out is when me and my racing car pit crew suited up and tuned the specs to my racing car as we broke and set a new lap time racing record on track , that moment really made me smile , knowing that we worked hard for this and we achieved our goal on the day that we set ourselves on that day. As I’m a woman that really work hard to reach my goals I set myself on the race track , and modeling and in life it self.

How do you feel today knowing that your one of our international MOLLBABE model features for today for November month , explain the feeling ?
I am so excited, honored and great full for this opportunity I know how I have been waiting for a moment like this and being chosen as one of the international #MollBabe models filled my heart full of joyful energy, I am so happy thank you!

What do you think is your favorite and best body features of you as a model , and that you like about yourself ?
My best body features as a model will be my skin tone I have that tan Caribbean and Puerto Rican look all the time and I am all natural all over.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why ?
I will change nothing of me I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK and am ( wink wink )

Lets giggle together ,  whats the most recent embarrassing moment you encountered together with your girlfriends or best friends on a night out on the town ?
Well lets just say I created a mess the first time when I tried to cook a romantic dinner for me and my husband in the kitchen , but thanks to my husbands patients and lovable understanding , he quickly jumped in to rescue dinner for us….. ” As I am a woman not made for the kitchen but rather a race car and race track lol.”

Favorite Movie  , Music song , Food Dish ?

    • The Notebook I love the romantic drama’s
    • As I’m Latino I love my Latin American music a lot anything I can dance to and swing my hips makes me happy depends on the mood I am in for the day  ( wink wink ) FAVORITE SONG at the moment ” La Niña de tus ojos “
    • Love my seafood , Lobster in a yummy butter sauce.

Whats your ultimate goal in life , whats next on your to do bucket list ?
I have a huge bucket list , but right now I want to build a solid career as model, and in doing so I want to inspire other ladies out there in saying that “Nothing is impossible in life.”

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Photography credit | Julio Gonzalez Jr.