As the Summer SUN heats up Nature and its beauty puts the shine today on a Sunbathing swim wear Goddess as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews the talented Sen Anup from Sen Anup Photography together with MOLLBABE MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international beauty Melissa Wakileh 



Welcome Melissa and Sen Anup Photography,


Sen Anup tell us , what you been up to since we featured you last year?

Since then I have been focusing more into shooting more quality models and improving my skills ,more into editing,concentrating more on the lighting aspect and shooting more natural light and using prime canon lens and most importantly I have been shooting more and trying to improve my work and be a better photographer in the proses.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane,what’s your most favorite photography project you did this far in your career?

For me every project that I do is important to me , but quite recently few months ago I discovered and learned something as to shoot more against the direct sunlight with a single strobe light and getting the perfect exposure. Since then I shot three different models under the same conditions and frankly these images of Melissa are examples of same settings and similar conditions and natural lighting and keeping the sky as your canvas…


Tell us and give us a sneak peek into photo shoot you did with model Melissa for us?

Melissa is a well know model in the industry of Toronto (Canada) for her gorgeous looks and her images  describes her more than what I can describe. it was over a year ago when we started talking and discussing about shooting together. Due to her prior appointments and busy schedule it was not giving us the right moment to shoot together,we planned a few times but it failed due to some odd or even reasons and I was not very sure if she would look indoors or outdoors better for her, I started working on different locations  both indoors/outdoors and for myself QUALITY WINS OVER QUANTITY. I wanted that one set to make my images stand apart from others. I then discovered this beach location and send her some sample images, then I connected and chatted to Arne about the shoot to see and hear if this will work for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MAGAZINE and Arne totally agreed on the Idea theme and look , as Mother Nature was in our favor and I was lucky to get this set with Melissa within a span of 3 hours. The images turned out to be perfect  with what we wanted to get from her. As a pro model she knew what I was expecting out of her posing and was great taking directions and rest…….. The images will speak on our behalf.


FUN FACTS about Model Melissa Wakileh :

  • Melissa is 21 years old and has a half American and Jordanian culture background
  • She is also a AFC MMA Ring Girl and also a aspire UFC MMA RING GIRL
  • Melissa also appeared in international Music videos and album covers for artists such as Delon Official, Trinity Chris, Baka from OVO, J-Soul, Leondro Music, Ali Raza, Roach Killa, DWTM, Fanom Vibes, SPTV, Big Lean, Lil 6 and more.

Coming back to you Sen…. whats your favorite time of the day to do a photo shoot.?


For myself I call it the happy hour in MY PHOTOGRAPHY ….9am-11am when the sun is not very harsh and easy to avoid harsh shadows. I have preferred shooting during this time or else as long as I know what I am doing and trying to achieve. With Melissa we started at 10 am and finished by 1pm as the sunlight was soft an bit of overcast.

As you did a lot of International Photo shoots tell us which model you photographed is your favorite to work with and why?

As a matter of fact after shooting for almost two decades now I am still learning something new from co- photographers and selected models I work with.

Every situation,concept and style. as a lifestyle & Swimwear  photographer its very hard to answer as who was my favorite. Melissa for sure is one of my favorite so far and I am sure we shall be doing more in near future. Reason being  as photographer one has to work around all odds and achieve the perfect image…..and quality speaks more than quantity.

As its a season of thanksgiving and giving thanks what would you say are you thankful for as a photographer in the work you do?

I am extremely thankful for all the support and it would not have been possible without the support I received from your end Arne Schreuder and the WHOLE MOLLMAG FAMILY team in the USA and in South Africa, when you first featured me last year. My journey as a photographer will continue and would like to thank everyone who has supported me to keep me moving and look forward to a bright day ahead.


Favorite Destination in the world to do your dream photo shoot and why you say so ?


Will be none other than SOUTH AFRICA ….because of its amazing people  beautiful flora and fauna and vast landscapes and  most importantly the amazing wildlife. It  was because of  photographing wildlife in my early days & exploring my skills  I discovered my passion to become a photographer and moved forward from wildlife photographer to Lifestyle & Swimwear Photographer.



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Article interview and edits by :  Arne Schreuder Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO