#SummerFeelins as we are poolside enjoying the summer sun with our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder as he interviews European Stunner MOLLBABE Emmy Coone today

Welcome Emmy , 

Emmy tell us a bit more about yourself who you are and where you reside from ?

  • I grew up in a little town in Belgium before my parents decided to move us all to France.,
    I lived there for 9 years and I now realize that it was an amazing opportunity. As a kid I wanted to be a lawyer as I always wanted to help people. But as I moved to France I had to learn French quickly, it was impossible to do those studies in French not only for French isn’t my mother tongue, but the level is higher than in Belgium. So, I decided to study beauty and hair I went to 2 private schools one in Bordeaux and the other in Toulouse. Meanwhile I worked a lot during my studies.

How did your modeling career start ?

  • I always had an admiration for the models in magazines, but when I was a teenager and I lived and studied beauty and hair in France it was then that I really wanted to become a model.
    I started modeling when I was much younger, I was about 16. We had a photographer in the village where we lived that owned a studio and a shop. One day she asked me to do a couple of shots. It was the first time it was so cool. When I look back on those pictures now they make me smile because I’ve learned so much since then. I stopped shooting for a while and started over again this year. When I am in front of the camera or in a studio I feel alive, it feels like I matter to the world, and through that I want to make a difference.

Explain to us what type of modeling genre you focus on as a model ?

  • I never saw myself as a portrait model, my body is my asset not my face and when they asked me to pose for PLAYBOY Croatia it was an honor to do it. I also think that nude is normal and can be beautiful if it’s done with the right state of mind. My role model is Marisa Papen.
    There is still some kind of stigma when it comes to nude art. People see it as inappropriate, as something you shouldn’t share with everyone. I am proud when I’m naked in a picture and I look amazing. I mean why wouldn’t I?
    It has nothing to do with porn, it is nude art. I don’t understand the small-minded people who think it’s not done.
    Nude is art to me, is  a way to express myself. I know a lot of people think its taboo and it shouldn’t be done because it is a sin. I don’t think that’s true, I see it as a form of art, and as Hugh Hefner said: “nude is normal “I don’t understand the taboo around it and its shouldn’t be.
    I love wearing black lingerie during photo sessions, it’s simple it’s pretty and I find it very sexy. I feel very confident when I’m wearing sexy lingerie, I think it is the definition of feminism.

What are your modeling achievements thus far  ?

My most interesting photo session so far is the photo shoot that I did was in Croatia, for the Playboy summer edition. It was amazing, I was treated like a real princess. I must say I’m very proud of my work there.
I loved the people I’ve met there and their culture. They are so generous and kind & there is so much history. I had to push myself, but I loved every second of it.
Meanwhile I worked with a lot of photographers with different styles and objectives.
With Glenn Wallace, an artist with a vision we did a shooting in a deserted street, we had to climb over the fence to access it, in the meantime people were walking on a bridge practically above your head when leaving the train, and on top of that a lady snooping around without us noticing her …


We also hear that you have also featured as a playboy model feature in PLAYBOY CROATIA SUMMER Edition, what is so wonderful for you about summer season ?

  • Croatia is a perfect summer holiday destination, plenty of sun the apero’s and the night life. I LOVE IT

How did you find out about our magazine, and what is it about our magazine you like the most ?

  • I found your magazine on the Internet and it was also recommended by a INTERNATIONAL photographer I worked with . Your magazine offers a lot of diversity, that’s what I like most.

What is your hobbies you do if you’re not in front of the camera modeling and doing model photo shoots?

  • I love to read, watch movies and listen to music, nothing spectacular but I’m passionate about food (food is what I live for ) architecture, interior design, lingerie and makeup and I want to develop a career as MUA (make-up advisor)

Your favorite holiday destinations to visit for a December SUMMER HOLIDAY and why?

  • I would say….. My favorite holiday destination for a December summer holiday is Bali, with the sandy beaches, sun and most of all no stress. It would be a dream come true.


As it is the Christmas festive season, what Christmas wish you would have, please share with us?

  • I only have one wish for Christmas and it to see the people around me happy and in good health.


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