Summer is truly getting a spicy hot beautify overhauling this festive season as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews international photographer James Barry from glamouronetoronto Photography and the beautiful model / actress / dancer and fitness and wellness motivator MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Maisa Kehl

Welcome James and Maisa ,


James ……… Tell us a bit about yourself and where you reside from and what made you choose photography as a profession ?  

  • I am a glamor photographer from Toronto, Canada who has been shooting professionally for almost 20 years. The trifecta of beautiful models, exotic destinations and flexible hours lured me away from my 9-5 job. I love what I do!!


We would like to know as you are known as an international photographer , what would you say is your favorite genre of photography you do ?

  • Swimsuit photography is definitely my favorite. There are so many beautiful designs and styles that I could keep shooting for another 10 years straight and still not have shot everything. And models add their own personality to each outfit they wear…it’s definitely a fun genre!


How did you and model Maisa Kehl met at first and how did you 2 gel together on set and location to give us this superb photo shoot feature for today with us for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA , for our SPECIAL FESTIVE SUMMER SEASON DECEMBER 2017 feature, and also where did this photo shoot take place ?

  • Maisa and I first met at a  photo shoot shootout in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. I was having a bad day and she took it upon herself to cheer me up. The day after I shot these amazing images of her at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats UTAH USA Kilometers and kilometers of salt as far as the eye can see. But it creates some amazing reflective light. I absolutely love the salt flats!


Some fun facts about MOLLBABE model Maisa Kehl 


  • Maisa loves traveling the world 
  • Maisa grew up in  Brazil ( Santa Maria Rio Grande do Sul ) and then moved to Salt Lake City Utah USA 
  • She featured in Magazines like Playboy South Africa , Maxim , BADD Magazine , Players Magazine , Dream Vixens Magazine , Daily Sport UK Magazine and more
  • Maisa also got awarded at the following international model contests for : Miss Brazil International Bikini USA 2016, Bikini.USA & Bikini.USA.TV, Miss Carnaval, Miss Sports, Miss Samba, International Bikini Model Search 2017, Maxim HOT 100 top 40 


How did you find out about us as a Magazine and what is it about our style that intrigues you the most when you and our CEO Arne Schreuder connected over social media ?

  • I was doing a photo shoot in the Bahamas near Freeport when I first heard about MOLLMAGSA and MOLLMAG. A fellow photographer was shooting there as well for the magazine and I was curious. So  I checked it out online and then connected with Arne Schreuder on Instagram……..  and the rest is history as the saying goes.


Tips and Photo tog tricks and hacks whats your photography tip of the day and hack to share with us today ?

  • My biggest piece of advice is not to overthink the shoot. So many photographers have bags and bags of equipment…make sure you have a good camera and a good lens and go out shooting. Then learn from the experience. You don’t need the best equipment or scores of lighting and reflectors. Learn your angles and improve. That will take you far in this business.


Which social media platform is the best for you in your opinion to showcase your brand and business as a photographer ?


  • I’m using Instagram a lot right now. I like the interface and a more relaxed atmosphere as it has less drama than Facebook.


Other than photography whats your other interests you like to do to wind down and make your creativity talk? #hobbies 


  • I play guitar in my downtime (which isn’t a lot as I keep busy). I have a Strat, an SG and a Rickenbacker. Nothing quite like sitting down with a Blanton’s Bourbon and letting the guitars scream.


Which destination in the world would you choose to do your ultimate dream photography project / photo shoot one day ?

  • One of these days I’m going to make my way to the Maldives. The water looks amazing and the location looks so pristine!


Who do you look up to for inspiration in photography ?

  • I look to my fellow photographers, both amateur and experienced. Everyone has a different way to create that amazing picture. One just needs to sit back and learn.


What is your model and type of photography camera and equipment you use ?

  • I use a Nikon D5 and a Nikon 70-200/2.8 for most of my pictures. I have way too much lighting to list, but these shots were taken with a Paul C Buff Einstein.


Every photo shoot and photographer plus model have a story to tell when it comes to that OMG laugh out loud moments behind the scene photo shoot sessions that always makes it fun and breaks the ice , tell us whats your moment that stands out please share ?

  • By the time we shot at the Salt Flats, both Maisa and I had done two previous shoots over consecutive days. She is such a pro that we can both turn it on and turn it off when we need. Our model/photographer relationship all stems from her reaching out to me when I was having a bad day and she wanted to help cheer me up. Now we’re so comfortable with each other that there’s no need for any proverbial ice breaking before during or after the shoot.


Whats next on the agenda and project for you as a photographer ?

  • I am planning my own photography workshop in July 2018. One week in Exuma, Bahamas shooting bikini models on deserted islands. Should be amazing!! …….. cant wait ,  I have a couple stunning models already selected and I’m looking for a couple more.


As its the Festive Season , whats your FESTIVE SEASON CHRISTMAS wish ?

  • Peace and happiness for all !



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Photography by : glamouronetoronto photography by JAMES BARRY 

glamouronetoronto photography by JAMES BARRY 

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