Festivities are oozing some Dynamite Blond Sensuality this season , as our CEO Arne Schreuder meet up with todays newest international MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE beauty Danielle Lynn 

Very warm welcome Danielle , 

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you reside from ?

My name is Danielle Scott aka Danielle Lynn , and I️ reside from Eastern Iowa in the USA. I️ am model/ personal trainer.. My passion is fitness and fashion. I️ am married and have two amazing little boys. My youngest was born on Christmas Day so December is one of my favorite months!


What is it about modeling that got you started in the first place to where you are right now ?

I’ve always loved fashion and meeting new people. I’ve met so many amazing people through modeling both photographers and other models.


In the modeling world every model in the industry has a guideline or “ golden rule “ they follow to be successful , what’s your golden rule share with us ?

My biggest golden rule is to be kind to everyone. I️ pride myself on being personable and my connections that I️ make. To me what makes a good photo is when the model has good chemistry with the photographer…. BE COMFORTABLE , You can easily tell when someone is uncomfortable just as well when they are.

Explain your focus and modeling genre and style you most like to work in as a model and why ?

Like mentioned , I️ love fashion and lingerie because nothing makes you feel more beautiful than when you feel good about yourself. Clothes is my feel good. Probably why I️ do a lot of retail therapy #shopping when I’m upset ( wink wink )

Congrats on being chosen as one of our international MOLLBABE model feature for our December Festive Season 2017 issue How does the news make you feel ?

It makes me feel amazing I’m glad others can see my work and my passion. Modeling isn’t just something I️ do, I️ love it. I️ love sharing my photos with others. They kind of tell a story. I️ am very blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you so much to Arne Schreuder and Ashley Salazar for making this happen.


How did you come to hear about us as a magazine and what is it about us that attracted you to our brand and style we portray ?

I️ follow MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA & MOLLMAG USA on  Instagram and was immediately drawn in by the style of photos you choose for the magazine  It’s very glamorous. And thats exactly what I portray and my style.

Other than modeling what is your other hobbies and interests ?

I️ love working out, sports, spending time with family and friends, and my dog. I️ love watching professional sports and love attending games! Go Dallas Cowboys, and Golden State Warriors!


If you get a week or 2 to explore your most favorite destination in the whole world where will it be and why do you say so ?

I’d say some beach anywhere! I️ love the ocean and would love to explore more by snorkeling and such. I’m obsessed with dolphins and would spend all my time swimming with them. The Ocean with dolphins is my #happyplace


Feeling Festive……. Give us your favorite Festive Season quote you can think of ?

Hmm….. good question don’t really have one, but I️ love everything about Christmas


What would be your favorite Christmas Day food dish ?

It’s kind of a family tradition that we have prime rib! Oh and cheesecake is amazing also ….. yum yum don’t forget the cheesecake ( wink wink )

Any Favorite Christmas mix drink you will be enjoying with friends and family what would it be for you ?

My new favorite is the Coldstone birthday cake remix hot cocoa!


What would be your ultimate Christmas wish for this festive season Danielle ?

I️ know it sounds cheesy but good health and happiness for my family! And maybe a magazine cover soon (wink wink)


Where can we and our readers and fans follow you on social media ?

You can please #followme at the following links at :

Danielle Lynn at  | Facebook  | Instagram


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Article written interview and edits by : Arne Schreuder Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO