All aboard as we get ready to take a tour with the “BEAUTY QUEEN EXPRESS” with newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Ashley Hale as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with this beauty to find out more what beauty she is steaming for us today 

Welcome Ashley Hale ,


1. Give us a small glimpse to whom you are and where you reside from ?

Good Evening everyone my name is Ashley Hale and I reside from Bethlehem , Pennsylvania USA . I’ve been modeling and acting for seven years plus now. I’m a laid back, funny and kind type of lady. I enjoy working out, shopping and hanging out with my family and friends and traveling.

2. Modeling has its ups and downs , tell us how tough it was for you to break through the industry as a model?

I remember it being not easy, you have doors close constantly but when you get that “yes”  it a chance, it just makes you work that much harder to succeed and get to where you want, but now a days it’s a lot easier to brand yourself and make yourself into that unique Model. Social media is crazy but when I was starting out Instagram was just on the upcoming.. I wasn’t hip to it to after a year or so lol

3. What is it about modeling you like the most and what is it about modeling you dislike the most ?

Well it’s a process as a whole…. so I appreciate the craft, and the creating behind it all. It’s not easy or as always as glamorous as people think to create the look and image you see. Your whole body will be sore the next day. That’s the only thing I don’t like.

4. Whats so unique and beautiful about your style and beauty combine please explain ?

I think is confidence and personal style…. thats the true key that makes you unique  and beautiful in your own way. Being comfortable in your body and own skin …. thats whats making you look beautiful and unique. I also would like to think I have a exotic and different look and style as well.

5. How tough was or still is it for you to balance modeling lifestyle in being a model and also being a student , studying in university ?

It’s very  hard and challenging, it’s like some days not getting  a lot of sleep. Working, emails, shoots, studying but you try to find the next balance. It’s not always easy. But we all make it work.

6. On the topic of Studying for a degree , what would you say would you be doing as a occupation if modeling was not your first choice ?

Mmmmmm , Maybe.. a flight attendant, or assistant, singer, lol I dunno. I like to do a lot of things.

7. Whats your spirit animal and whats the meaning for you behind it aka if you could be a wildlife animal what would it be ?

A cheetah, because I think that would be sassy and I can relate to that lol, being sassy and sexy at the same time.


8. If you could travel to SOUTH AFRICA and AFRICA one day what is the one thing on your wish list you want to do ?

Doing everything you can. Explore. I like to see Cape Town, and just nature and wildlife at its finest


9. Do you feel you look like a BEAUTY QUEEN sometimes , and if so what is the definition of a BEAUTY QUEEN in your books , looks and personality wise ?

Maybe sometimes being all done up for shoots. But not really in my personal life. I think a beauty queen is someone who cares about how they present themselves.


10. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the mornings plus what is the last thing you do when you go to sleep at night ?

When I wake up I go straight to the gym and last thing I do is fall asleep to the TV lol


11. Any Hidden Talents share with us ?

I used to be in the dance team, ” silks” , and play the violin as well.

12. Whats the most comfortable outfit for you to wear when you just want to chill and relax and be you when your home alone ?

Sweats and a T shirt. If I’m home I wanna be comfy. 

13. Favorite Midnight snack ?

Usually fruit …… I love Grapes.

14.  Favorite Secret temptation to get you in the mood ?

Hmmmmm , just chemistry ……

15. In your opinion what is the golden rule for models to follow to be successful like yourself in this business these days ?

Be yourself …… don’t compromise who you are to fit in. Be you and create your own path. Always do your research! who you work with.

16. Please list your modeling achievements for us that goes together with todays MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature ?


 I had a lot of achievements thus far as there is so many but here goes…….  being featured in Playboy, Maxim, elegant magazine, having my acting debut on Starz ‘POWER’ show and also  working with ‘IBMS’ The International Bikini Model search and Teaseum Magazine to name a few.

17. Lets get laughing together , what is that one OMG moment you recently experiences on a night out with friends and family ?

I most recently , was with my friend and her and I had went to McDonald’s to grab a hot fudge Sunday…. so we get our sweet treats, and then she takes the lid of to eat it , but the peanuts in and what not she’s getting ice cream and fudge everywhere you look , then  I look at her confused as to why she took the lid off….. then  I put my spoon right in my hot fudge Sunday and that’s when she realized that there was a huge whole in the top of the Sunday to put your spoon and nuts in….. #thatawkwardmoment LOL It was so funny






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