A afternoon is well spent as we get cosy with the RED HOT REDHEAD MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE Jayden Williams as we explore and our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more what makes Jayden’s beauty and looks so jolly divine 


Welcome Back Jayden ,



1. Jayden tell us how has the MOLLBABE modeling experience been for you thus far since we featured you back in our OCTOBER FEATURE last year ?

The #MOLLBABE experience has been AMAZING so far! I LOVE my #MOLLBABE family and all the opportunities it has opened up for me, I cannot wait to work together some more in the future so excited !


2. Give us a glimpse on how did you and the photographer gelled together to get this amazing brand new set and feature for us together for today , what was the plans behind it all ?

Well at first me and Arne spoke and planned out a spot for me in this months feature which I am forever grateful and then I told Arne , that me and Photography Rick Ritz of Rick Ritz Photography – 1rickphoto  got to know each other and how each other likes to work. Rick is a really sweet guy and an amazingly talented photographer, I felt really comfortable when I got with him to shoot. When you are really comfortable with the photographer the pictures just look better! He let me take a lot of the control for the shoot which was really cool. I just played some music and had a lot of fun with it as well.


3. What is it that is so captivating about those FLAMING RED HOT wavy curls of red locks of hair from yours , thats so damn cute and beautiful to us an the public out there give us your secret for that perfect glow and shine to your amazing hair ?


Wow, thanks for complimenting me on my hair! I get my hair trimmed about every 6 weeks to keep it healthy. I also have naturally curly/wavy hair and I try to not put a lot of product in it, straighten or curl it too much so my hair doesn’t get damaged. I also use coconut curls shampoo and conditioner to help keep my hair curly and frizz free. I also put Nelson Beverly Hills moisture healing mask in my hair about every two weeks!


4. LOVE at FIRST SIGHT do you believe in it , and give us the reason why ?


I do not believe in love at first sight. I really have to get to know a guy before I can say that I am ” in love ” if a guy can make me laugh, that is a way to my heart!


5. We also notice your a lady that loves instagram and snapchat and its weird funny type #filters for #selfies , which Instagram or Snapchat #filter is your favorite to play around with for taking #selfies these days ?


My favorite snapchat filter is the one with the hearts above your head! It makes your eyes look so pretty and it is just a really cute filter! 


6. What would you say Jayden , do you think about the most during each day ?

Well I have to say …… aka delicious food and school as well.



7. What is your Newyears resolution for 2018 , what is it that you want to do or achieve for this year aka #goal ?

Newyears resolution is to eat a lot healthier and to go vegan! My goal, is to get published more and get accepted into a great neuroscience program!



8. Let’s open that Beauty Makeup case , What makes putting on Lipstick for the right occasions make women in general feel so awesome about themselves like yourself , and which type of lipstick is your favorite to wear?


Lipstick, well any kind of makeup can make a woman so much more confident and confidence is sexy! #confidenceiskey I love to use light pink lipstick for my everyday looks! If I am going somewhere really special like on a date, I wear red lipstick to spice things up!


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Photography by Rick Ritz at :   Rick Ritz Photography – 1rickphoto



MUA done by : Makeup by Emina

Article written interview and edits by :

Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO