As we start the New Year of 2018 we take  you all on our Secret Mission with our very own ” Bondgirl ” and James Bond’s seductive Secret stylish special agent MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA #MissJanuary2018 and cover model Jasmin Shojai gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder  – ” The Bondgirl Effect “


Welcome Jasmin , 


Welcome Back Jasmin , tell us how is the MOLLBABE model experience and being part of the MOLLMAGFAMILY treating you thus far and what have you been up to since we featured you back in  last year in our FEBRUARY 2017 valentines issue , how did the doors of the modeling world opened for you since then ?


  • I have to say its been an amazing journey. I have had a lot of opportunities open up, I have received international public exposure in the news and magazine world I can definitely say since my MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA February 2017 FEATURE a lot of amazing things have happened and I am definitely growing as a model and a public figure.


Congrats on being named our MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE MISS JANUARY 2018 cover model to start the new year and season how does this make you feel knowing that this is your 2nd feature with us and as this is also a cover model feature for you the 2nd time around ?


  • I am so excited to be Miss January 2018 and be featured on the cover of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. I am truly honored to be a part of the #MOLLMAGFAMILY, they have given me so much support during my career. I am very thankful for that and I love it so much to be part of this amazing family.


How did this concept and idea for this MOLLBABE 007 BONDGIRL shoot came about from our CEO Arne Schreuder along with you Jasmin ?



  • We were discussing ideas for the shoot back in November last year and Arne pointed out that I would really #slay a ‘Bond girl look’ #BossingIt , I completely agreed and so we decided that this would be the theme for this month’s  January cover 2018 ……… and I must say I totally love how the photo shoot and concept came out , as I am so proud of this.



Are you a Bondgirl Movie fan……. which of the James Bond Movies are your favorite and why ?


  • I have to say my favorite James Bond movie is Spectre . It was a very well produced film and has really great acting. Daniel Craig in my opinion is a very good actor.


If you should treat yourself to a mix drink , how would you enjoy your Martini shaken or stirred ?


  • I would have it either way ( wink wink )


We know in the James Bond Films there is loads of special gadgets James uses in the films that stretches from CARS , BOATS , ammo , guns , special x-ray glasses , special GPS systems , hand grenade pens to watches , if you could own one piece of James Bond memorabilia what would it be and why ?

  • Definitely the car aka the Silver Aston Martin DBS V12 ……. Not only does the car have several gadgets installed in itself, I can use it for every day activities. How could I turn down a flashy luxurious car with the benefit of it turning invisible – wink wink …. I love luxury European cars and I have to say I love all the cars in the James Bond films.


We also know in each BOND film / movie , each Bond Girl had their own style , sensual looks and “panash”  37 BOND GIRLS in total from all the Bond Movies …….. in your opinion which BOND GIRL would describe you the best aka BOND GIRL look alike in style , looks and personality , which BOND GIRL is a look alike to you and why ?

  • Thats a tricky one , I mean all the Bond girls are quite unique. I would say ‘looks wise’ I am closest to Jane Seymour as Solitaire in ‘Live and Let Die’.


Getting back to your recent modeling achievements thus far which one would you say stands out for you and is the most special for you in your career thus far ?

  • I couldn’t just pin point and say that just one of my achievements was my favorite of them all , All of my achievements mean something to me and have brought me to where I am today.

I have to say some of my biggest achievements would have to be:

Winning the title of Australia’s Top Glamor Model of 2017. Appearing in Maxim USA and since then appearing in several international Playboy and Maxim magazines (Playboy South Africa and Sweden, and Maxim Africa) as well as featuring in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and also MOLLMAG USA , as being part of the MOLLBABE family surly opened loads of doors for me with massive opportunities and for this I will be forever great full and thankful always.


In your recent interview with FYINTERTAINMENT it was mentioned that  you feel models on Instagram who pose nude are cheapening the modeling industry , whats your stand on that statement and please explain more ?


  • Well, I felt that professional models…… models who appeared in magazines, walked on catwalks and did modeling as their working career, were and still are getting disadvantaged in a way , because,  many individuals  label themselves as a ‘model’ per-say  these days by just posting photos, predominantly selfies on social media…. and this over time has affected the industry When something can be viewed easily online for free, would someone need to go out and buy a magazine no ? , because all has changed to mostly digital these days As a result many models have been paid very little to absolutely nothing at all for their work sometimes. Back in the day, as soon as a model would ‘take everything off’ for the camera, they would get paid quite a bit. Over time this has decreased.



Complete the following sentence in your own words , To Be classy and Stylish in modeling these days is to be …… ?


  • Is just to be ” you , be yourself ” – Nothing beats the original version of yourself. And I feel by being yourself and expressing your style, you are standing out in the crowd.



#LetsTakeASelfie , in your opinion what makes a perfect #selfie for you on Instagram ?

  • Perfect lighting and angle. You also have to have ‘energy’. If you feel tired fatigue it will always show in the photos.


Lets get our giggle on , what is the most hilarious joke you’ve heard or told someone recently ? , ( lets laugh )

  • I have heard so many. If you want hear good jokes, I reckon watching a comedy will always make you laugh. Right now I am watching the 90’s Tv show ‘The Nanny’. Absolutely hilarious, it has such amazing acting and will always give you a laugh.


If you could go back into your past , and you could’ve changed one thing about your past what would it be and why ?

  • I wouldn’t change anything. After all, everything that has happened has brought me to where I am now.


Describe what does true love and respect for each other in a relationship mean to you as a woman ?

  • True love is a strong bond between 2 people. Where both individuals truly care about and want what’s best for each other. Respect is making someone comfortable, caring for them and I would also add committing to them 

Relationships can be complicated, but when both parties love each other and are on the same page, it more than likely works out in the end.


Whats your words of inspiration to fans friends and family today ?

  • Never give up, you were given life to live it. Fulfill your dreams and never let doubt get to you or stop you from making decisions, and taking action.


As it is a NEW YEAR and a fresh start for 2018 tell us whats your New Years resolution ?

  • I have a few. But my biggest plan right now is to pursue my long life dream of acting.


How did you spend New Years Eve , spill the beans , please tell us ?

  • Well , A romantic dinner with someone very special to me , I loved it so much it was truly an amazing evening.


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