Today we bring the crafty Majestically Moments of Style and Beauty to life through the Streets of San Francisco , California with newest international MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE model Marketa Galuszkova as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to interview the Czech beauty and MRK Photography 


A Very warm Welcome to you Marketa ,


1. Welcome Marketa , tell us a bit about yourself and where your from ?

Good Morning Everyone I am glad to be here today thank you very much for the opportunity that is given to be in this amazing online magazine MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA………..  Ive been a international Photography model for a long time now since 2004 and I love every moment of it , I was born in Czech Republic and live in Europe ……. I also love to travel the world , as thats part of my modeling profession.

2. Where did the modeling journey for you all start ?

In Europe exactly , specifically the Czech Republic in Prague, my first shoot I did as a model was at a young age at ………. I love my job A LOT

3. How do you portray yourself as a model in the industry what makes you so unique in your style you have to explain to us?

Certainly my big personality I have is a huge plus in what makes me so unique , together with my amazing style…. I am ductile, ambitious, purposeful, and  for photographers I am interesting and beautiful, I can be such a  “chameleon” at times … as I often change the appearance of makeup and the style I have and that truly intrigues the modeling world and profession I am in.

4. Marketa you recently traveled to the USA San Francisco to work and do a photo shoot editorial with the talented photographer MARK from MRK Photography ,  how did you find the experience to be alongside Mark on location in the beautiful aka SAN FRAN with this shoot you both submitted to us ?

It was truly a amazing experience to have work with such a phenomenal photographer ( Mark from MRK Photography ) and director Danny Bean from San Fransisco , as then they both introduced me to Arne CEO from MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA , as we did this for a spectacular collaboration all together,  I must say they are truly a amazing team all together. Also there was amazing makeup artistry on set and location as well and really fun behind the scenes moments we captured……  #veryprofessional and #fun it was.

I also liked it most when we also were at the Golden Gate Bridge and the beach and Mark’s home where some of the photos were taken…. with amazing views of San Francisco , hopefully I can COME BACK SOON to this wonderful city to do another round of photo shoots soon , because I would really love that.

5. How did you find out about our Magazine and what is it that makes our style so captivating ?

I heard about the Magazine from Mark and Danny here in San Fransisco when we did the shoot , then they introduced me to Arne CEO from MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA …… I then started to follow the Magazine and everyone involved on social media , as you have your own style and the magazine is decorated with beautiful women and it gives a platform to showcase and grow your talents as a model and I absolutely love that a lot  , a true family feeling.

6. Quick fire question line up , are you ready Marketa ?

Hair color – blond long hair

Eye color – brown-green

Bust line – 80cm/ 32

Hips –  80cm / 32 , Waist – 63cm / 24

Dress Size – XS,S , Shoe size – 4,5 

7. What part of your body are you most proud of ?

My face and my sexy curvy booty….. I love my booty curvy shape and my baby face …… a perfect combination for a woman like me , I like it a lot.


8. What do you like to do in your spare time to relax and rewind ?

I get very little time to relax  …. since my modeling is my job and my hobby and  its much fun, what more do you want to do … the job that is the hobby is the best feeling in the world for me , but when I get that little time to relax I of course I do like to do sports, dance, sing, have fun with my friends, look after my partner and my two cats.

9. Besides modeling what other talents do you have ?

I love to dance and learn to sing, plus be active in sport, I also paint as well , plus I also devote myself to being in the acting industry business , and soon to publish my biography book as well. I am a very busy woman……. ( wink wink )

10. Whats your favorite place in the world to go on vacation and why ?

I love to travel everywhere in the world……. The people I interact with and meet all over the world , are friendly and  their friendliness radiates from them the energy as it loads me with such joy.

In the future I want to visit the Maldives Islands as I love the beautiful beaches and a marvelous underwater world. as known as the ocean with its speculator underwater views.

11. If someone should ask you, how do you feel about your success as a model so far in your career and what else do you want to achieve as a model and in your personal life, what would be your answer to that Marketta ?

Well my references and success speaks for it self ,  Im very Happy for the many chances I get as a model  and goals for all the great opportunities I got through the years…. as I work hard for them all , the most successful one so far was doing a photo shoot and feature for  Playboy the photo sets and a few thousand calendar and a leaflets for the company, I was then also a professional model on the workshops, doing shoots and film photography , I also played a bride actress in an episode role in a well known Czech successful film, and a show for Elga brand.

Plus modeling handbags merchandise , that got published for skin-tie ties in San Francisco, As well as the success story today of doing this amazing photo shoot and feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA magazine ,  I wish to model for Cosmopolitan magazine one day  and be a great actress in future as well.

12. How does it feel to be a MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature for us today ?

I am very thankful honored and proud to be part of such a amazing team and family and I really am looking forward to working more in the future with everyone.

13. Favorite movie, TV show, book / novel or documentary you have recently read or watched that really captured the essence of your mind, which is really charming for you?

My favorite is the top actor and heart throb  hunter Leonardo Dicaprio and my favorite film is Gatsby , very romantic romance), ……..  and The last time I read a book on the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger, i truly was inspired.

14. When your home alone at home what is the one thing we will find you do to entertain yourself when you are bored and on your own ?

Well thats easy , You will find me playing Playstation , I will also do some postings on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGES and social media and interact with my fans…. then I will fill up my bath tub for a relaxing bubble bath and open up a bottle of wine and sing along to my favorite music that will play loud in the house.

15. Whats next on your calendar list this month in modeling any interesting projects next give us a sneak peek Marketta?

Well definitely , taking good care of my skin and body as its a must do every day and drinking loads of water , staying fit and healthy , plenty of new outfits to try on and get fitted as its a golden rule in my book of this modeling industry today , plus I will also be doing a exciting WINTER ICE QUEEN photo shoot and feature soon.





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