The Art of that Perfect Modeling Posses today as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews South African modeling beauty and newest mollbabe Bernice Visser


Welcome Bernice


1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you reside from Bernice ?

Well I am definitely A Beach Girl, I was brought up in Durban ( South Africa ) and Loved the idea of spending my weekends on the beach in a good looking bikini . You will always find me swimming in the waves rather than lying in the sun and tan. Now I reside in Pretoria ( South Africa ) and the beach only Recognize my hair and body on holidays.


2. What made you choose modeling as a hobby or profession ?


I would say that Modeling has always been more of a hobby for me because since I was little girl , I fell in love with the camera and flirting with the camera was one of my favorite things to do.


3. Modeling has its perks , advantages and disadvantages sometimes in the industry , give 3 advantages and AND three disadvantages you see and come to notices in the industry as a model these days ?


A lot of people say that exercise is a disadvantage but I say it is definitely an advantage because the results are amazing to always keep your body and figure as a model in tip top shape for photo shoots Another advantage is meeting different and amazing people in the industry that you can learn from more to improve your art and skill as a model and lastly, the feeling of being a part of the Glamor world is a great Advantage! You also get your disadvantages like people that does not accept and disagree on what your job includes as a model in the modeling industry , but then having also the people that really supports you and believes in you in what you do , is truly a confidence boost most of the time . Also  sometimes the long hard working  hours are crazy at times , then lastly also doing those poses in front of the lens is hard work as well , getting that perfect pose at the perfect time for that #moneyshot perfect photo , plus you also might do something that you fear like posing with a dangerous snake as one of the props in shoot , but as the saying goes it comes with the territory , you have to risk the biscuit to get rewarded at the end of the day.

4. Congrats on being named as MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature for January , tell us how did it make you feel when our CEO Arne gave you the news ?


I was very excited and mind blown , I immediately showed my colleagues and they started screaming and jumping up and down with me with joy , then also I am very thankful for Arne Schreuder and ALSO Ashley Salazar for having the belief in me and giving me this amazing lifetime opportunity.


5. Describe in 3 words what does it mean to you to be a international MOLLBABE MODEL ?



6. Any other hobbies to relax after a long day in front of the camera and studio , what do you do to relax and just break away a bit from the busy lifestyle models have these days ?


I love to eat! So In true South African style I love cooking! Making myself an amazing plate of food always makes me relax.


7. Tell us who do you look up to in life and who do you care about the most in life ?

My grandmother! She raised 7 kids on her own and she has done an amazing job. I can’t really say there is a person I care most about because I love my whole family and all of them are unique!


8. Do you feel like a leader or a follower ?

A little bit of both, sometimes I feel like leading and sometimes I just want to follow!


9. If you could go on a romantic date with someone special how would you like that date night to pan out ?

I love the outdoors so give me roses , a blanket , a bottle of red wine and the amazing SOUTH AFRICAN sunsets and landscape then the table is set surly for a romantic evening in my books for sure.


10. Describe to us your perfect man candy aka perfect man to be in your life ?

I’ve always had a thing for a man with beautiful lips.A man should make me feel safe and secure. I like a man with big muscles but his heart must be just as big. He must care about children and strive to be successful.


11. What made you laugh out loud recently , that stand out OMG most embarrassing moment you experienced recently with your girlfriends on a night out on the town ?

Hands down, when I was dancing on the dance floor and my friends stopped me to tell me that my whole pants was torn to shreds at the back from all the dancing! My whole bum #booty was showing for all to see !


12. Everyone of us has a secret we don’t want to tell but when we are put on the spot to do so we are forced and have to spill the beans , well today is that day tell us what’s your secret no one knows about you , please share ?


Well when I was younger and under age we me and my friends sneaked into a Strip Club one’s , It was so fun with friends and the strippers are so nice, I won’t ever have a problem with going again.

13. Lastly , what is your new years resolution for  2018 and what’s next on your to do list as a model ?

To take my modeling to film and working on set. I am also working on my clothing line called “Look This Way”



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ARTICLE INTERVIEW and creative design plus edits by : Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO