Ladies and Gents are you ready to get your popcorn ready and enjoy a unforgettable SHOWCASE with the newest Movie on the circuit aka The Greatest Showman 


As its time to get our Musical , drama , romance shoes on as this Glam showcase spectacle takes place in the historical American business showman era , as  P.T. Barnum played by ( Hugh Jackman) decides to step into the world of circus entertainment as a showman with the famous Barnum & Bailey Circus rise and fame. 

But things for the Circus begins with a shaky start as Barnum fights to stay afloat with his wife Charity Barnum played by ( Michelle Williams ) AND there family on the financial side of things , as he goes to great measures in life to get the  Barnum & Bailey Circus back on track. 

As Barnum travels the world on his dazzling showman journey with the circus he meets a lady called Jenny Lind played by ( Rebecca Ferguson ) As Lind falls in love with Barnum trying to seduce Barnum at every chance she gets with him while they both are together on tour , as the tri-angle of love takes some risky and surprising turns along the way and when Barnum returns home after the circus tour he is then forced to go leaps and bounds to rescue whats left of his marriage with his wife Charity Barnum and try to rebuild their loving relationship for the sake of their FAMILY AND NAME.

So all in all if your a huge Musical drama , romance kinda fan this movie is made for you ….. as The Greatest Showman movie showcases some amazing wardrobe glam wear that goes together with a phenomenal cast which includes names and red carpet stars like:

Hugh Jackman , Michelle Williams , Rebecca Ferguson , Keala Settle as ( Lettie Lutz ) , Zac Efron as ( Phillip Carlyle ) AND Zendaya as ( Anne Wheeler ) plus many more.

As director Michael Gracey brings this MUSICAL DRAMA to life and can hold his head up high after some hard work in creating a fascinating movie which is also nominated for 3 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD NOMINATIONS in the categories of 

( Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy , Best Original Song , Best Performance of an Actor in a Musical or Comedy )



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Article and review written by : Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO