A blond Polish Beauty Perfection as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder sat down and interview with todays MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Paulina Chwalek and Cantera Image

Welcome Paulina 


Paulina , please introduce yourself to us and the fans out there ?

Hello everyone , my name is Paulina. I am 27 years old and currently live in Connecticut USA ,   I was also born in southeastern Poland and my family moved to America in 2007.  I enjoy the outdoors and being active and working out 6 days a week to keep myself fit and in shape.


What is it about being a  model like yourself , in the modeling industry that you love and like so much ?

I would love to become an international model one day , as thats one of my biggest goals in life. I love the modeling industry because I get to meet so many wonderful photographers that are creative artists just like Cantera Image….. As a model I am able to become a part of everyone’s life that sees my photos and hopefully put a smile on their faces in the end. What I love the most about modeling is given the viewers the chance to see amazing art through my photo shoots and photos. I am very blessed to get the chance to work with such amazing photographers.




How did you feel when you got the news from our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder , that you will be one of our newest international MOLLBABE features for the brand new year of 2018 , How does the news make you feel ?

When I was contacted by Arne Schreuder I was astatic and overwhelmed with joy and excitement  to be chosen to be part of such a well known company and international online magazine. Starting off 2018 as one of newest international MOLLBABE models  is an honor for me.



What makes our Magazine’s style so wonderful and captivating for you ?


The fact that each model / woman that is shown and featured truly is beautiful in their own unique way and style. Plus the MOLLBABE STYLE of photography and photo shoots are also very elegant , sensual and captivating beauty by what the Photographers captures in the pictures of the models , and I am truly proud and honored to be a part of such an amazing and talented plus beautiful ladies and women.


Which would you choose between would you want to be loved or would you want to be famous with loads of money ?

My choice would be I would want to be loved , because money does not make you really happy in fact in creates problems , I would rather be loved and know that I shared my life with someone special in my life , that truly makes me happy.


Who has influenced you the most in your life , Who inspires you the most ?

Well I grew up in Poland and life was not easy for my family. My parents influenced me to set goals and accomplish them no matter what obstacles I face. My brother and I would never have the opportunities that we have now if we stayed in Poland. My father is my inspiration because he worked multiple jobs to be able to afford for my family to come to the United States. I aspire to be like my father, driven and hard worker.


What would you say is your favorite body part from your body you absolutely adore ?

My favorite part of my body I adore is my booty and curves . I use to be very skinny and I worked very hard to put size on my legs and booty. Hitting the gym every day doing many different leg exercises has giving me a beautiful bum  I can twerk and be proud of and adore from the hard work I put in. or you can say my favorite body part is my face because it is the first thing everyone sees. I take pride in my face as well.


What would you say makes you unique and stand out from everyone else ?

My memories and experiences. No other person has the same ones as me……. this makes me unique.


If you could learn to speak another or other language which language would it be and why ?

French, because it’s beautiful and rich language that really fascinates me. As people call it the Language of LOVE.

Some quick buzzer questions Are you ready Paulina ? ………… 

Favorite piece of lingerie or clothing you own that you love to wear ?

  • Definitely my Victoria Secret Lingerie sets.

Favorite thing in the whole world that puts a smile on your face ?

  • My little Yorkie Dog named Chappie

Favorite Breakfast to enjoy when you wake up in the mornings ?

  • A big cup of coffee and toast with a lot of peanut butter I love Peanut butter yum yum


What is your secret hidden talent you have please share with us ?

My ………. Intuition. I’m incredibly intuitive. I see details that most of the people will miss.


Give us your 2018 NEW YEARS  resolution ?

To find time for enjoyment of life and to travel more.


Where to from here what’s next on your Agenda and to do list for 2018 ?

Well , just to be the best person I can and have fun with life. Don’t take it so seriously because you only get one, so make it good one.

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Photography by Cantera Image 




ARTICLE WRITTEN INTERVIEW and Edits by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEOArne Schreuder