Calling all ICE HOCKEY fans to the Ring , get that puck to shine and let the Zamboni work over time as we pad up our Ice Hockey gear and get ready to score that ultimate goal in the back of the net as today we pay tribute to the #BlueNotes of the ICE The St. Louis Blues of the NHL this season with our MOLLBABES models Stacey Rios , Jennifer Lynn Scholl , Rob McNeal , alongside Ashley Salazar , Jerry Steele Photography and Arne Schreuder.


Welcome Ladies and Gents , lets get ICE HOCKEY Skates on today #STLBLUES style

Today we pay respect and special tribute to the team from STL TOWN aka the BLUENOTE NATION a team that lives and bleed blue for its fans and supporters as its a way of life #AllTogetherNow #LetsGoBlues the St. Louis Blues

NHL ICE HOCKEY is one of the sports and sporting codes thats celebrated each year through the ICE COLD winter months back in the United States & Canada , and the St Louis Blues is one of the successful Franchises and team’s thats been part of the NHL LEAGUE for Post Season streak of 25 seasons and counting. And also 3 seasons of the 25 were part of the #StanleyCup finals appearances streak back in 67 to 68 and  69 to 70 , but yet they have to win the STANLEY CUP FINAL , and hopefully as we all believe in the BLUE NOTE NATION that hopefully this year and season of 2018 will be the year when the BLUE NOTES create a winning BLUES statement on the ice , and that this year WILL BE THAT YEAR of reckoning and true BIG BLUE #AllTogetherNow success.


Because word through the grapevine is and as NHL STATS shows , the #STLBLUES started this season with a huge bang , as the team rocketed to a flying start in the beginning of the season with the BEST HOME WINNING RECORD in the league , and also stands a big chance to qualify for the division playoffs in the Central Division of the Western Conference. 


Here is a few of our DIE HEART MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Models showing their STLBLUES support and pride as MOLLMAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Stacey Rios , Jennifer Lynn Scholl and also Rob McNeal as these 3 are true and true STL BLUES fans, as they bleed blue with pride and passion that St Louis Missouri , holds. #LGB 

1. How did you feel when you got the news from us that you will be part of this special STL BLUES ICE HOCKEY tribute cover for this special feature with us ?

STACEY – Super excited! I love any chance I get to work with my #mollmagfamily & pay tribute to our home team #stl #blues.

ROB – I felt very excited as this was a true dream come true for me doing a photo shoot tribute for my beloved #STLBLUES as I am a vivid supporter bigtime of the team as I’ve got SEASON TICKETS to go watch the lads make winning magic on the ice.

JENN – I was very excited to be involved in this project and I’m so happy to be the newest #MOLLBABE model of the family and be featured on the cover! as well a true dream come true for me , as I am still pinching myself to so see if its real , ( wink wink )

2. Describe your look and style to us in 3 words as a model and MOLLBABE ?

JENN – Adventurous, Imaginative, Inspiring

STACEY – Spontaneous, Bubbly, Energetic

ROB – Handsome,ambitious and adventurous

3. Any hidden talents besides modeling , time to spill the beans ?

STACEY – It’s probably not too hidden that I’m a musician that plays the Guitar in our band called #RIOBAND That rocks ya socks off …..and then…I can also tie shoelaces in a bow tie with my toes!

JENN – Although I love to model, I also like to learn behind the camera and have been learning how to shoot, edit, and style other models. My favorite part of photography has been learning lighting manipulation, the technical aspect is fascinating!

ROB – Well I am very good to crack that one liner jokes at times to break the ice HAHA , ( Whats in my pocket that stinks ? ) aka GASS MONEY lmao

4. As a model what is the golden rule to follow in your book ?

JENN – You should always show up with a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard.

STACEY –  Be genuine & work with each other, that will always deliver the best shot!

ROB – Be willing to sacrifice and learn to adapt to the situation that is given and also grab a opportunity that comes your way with both hands and never give up on your dreams and goals you set yourself.

5. What is the one thing that you will always remember of todays feature and photo shoot on set , that stood out for you as a model ?

STACEY – As Arne told everyone of us just before the photo shoot started , he said to me and everyone on set #Remembertohavefun , and thats exactly what I and everyone had on set FUN FUN FUN ,  I’m also super social & glad to see my friends whenever we can get together! I had fun going live on the MOLLMAG FB page & getting to chat with viewers!

ROB – Well I loved the poses Arne gave us to do with this photo shoot especially the ones where i kneel down with the HOCKEY STICK and GLOVES as i felt like a true ICE HOCKEY SUPER STAR with all the beautiful ladies Jenn and Stacey by my side …… I was a bit nervous at first but as the day went by on set everyone made me feel at home.

JENN – It was so much fun laughing with Stacey and cracking jokes on the shoot today. We made silly videos of ourselves and had a blast shaking our pom poms!

6. Give us your go to cheerleader cheer for your beloved #STLOUISBLUES ICE HOCKEY TEAM what will that be from you ?

JENN – The best way to spread hockey cheer, is yelling “Let’s Go Blues” for all to hear!


ROB – #ALLTOGETHERNOW we bleed blue for life #STLBLUES BLUE


7. On another note Jenn as you are also our newest MOLLBABE edition to the family today …… word is through the grapevine that your also a pole dancing instructor and own your own POLE DANCING studio in STL called the Pink Lemon Studio , please tell us about this ventures a bit more ……… spill the beans ?

Yes, I’m the owner of Pink Lemon Studio, a St Louis Mo based pole dance and fitness studio. I started pole dancing fitness classes in 2010 and opened my gym in 2013. We love teaching women to be comfortable and confident in their skin while finding a new and sexy way to workout……

so please come pop in next time when your in town for a session also follow PINK LEMON STUDIOS on social media at :


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VIDEO GRAPHICS BY Ashley Salazar & FantasyGrfx

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Article written by and edits as well as theme photo shoot directing : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEOArne Schreuder