The Wonders of Tattoo Body Art and the Beauty within as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLLBABE model LuFae Suicide


Welcome LuFae Suicide

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself who you are and where you reside from ?

Good Day everyone my name is LuFae , I am 25 years old , I own 2 different companies as well as I do modeling plus I love hiking on weekends and playing VIDEO GAMES to relax , yes your heard correctly I’m a #GamerGirl and I reside from Cape Town South Africa.


2. Tell us how did you get interested in modeling , how did it all start for you ?

Well ……. I started modeling at a young age , and was discovered by FIGURES modeling shcool at a young age , I actually did all my modeling and training through them.  Then I got into modeling in 2012 for SG ( Suicide Girls Agency and company ) and made official SG status in 2014.


3. This is your first time featuring as a MOLLBABE Babe of the Day model for us at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, are you excited and how did you feel when you got the news from CEO Arne Schreuder about your feature today ?

I’ve been following the #MOLLMAFAMILY and magazine for months now on social media and I love the style it portrays very much ….. I am so excited to finally be a part of such a amazing magazine and family all together ……… I love the concept of how the #MOLLBABE models , contributing photographers , makeup artists and working staff all around the world works together all in unity to create such beautiful art and making this a amazing platform to showcase our modeling talents like myself , I am truly blessed and thankful.


4. How would you describe the BEAUTY of your country aka SOUTH AFRICA ?

Since I’ve took up hiking , I started to see and understand the TRUE BEAUTY of SOUTH AFRICA , and all I can say is there is a very special reason why AFRICA is called the Motherland , as we as South African’s are truly blessed with what the beauty of SOUTH AFRICA holds in the fact that it grabs your soul and makes you realize what AFRICA and SOUTH AFRICA is all about and more.


5. Some Quick Fire questions …… are you ready ,  hands on the buzzer ?

Your Favorite Body feature ? – My eyes

What does beauty mean to you ? – Comfort in your own skin

Favorite animal you absolutely adore and love in the wild and nature ? – Canadian Marble Fox

Favorite type of Sport ? – Well as I love Playing Video Games I must say the GINX Esports gaming community I totally love being a #GamerGirl and playing online video games. May favorite game to play is Ark Survival Evolved.

Favorite quote you live your life by ? – ” You cant get to day 300 without starting at day 1 ”


6. What does Tattoo art in its purest form mean to you as a model in the industry and also as a individual ?

Tattoo body art is a expression , Its about telling a story through your body art and its reminders of amazing things you went through as a person in life.


7. Give us your new years resolution for 2018 ?

To travel and explore more.



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