Today we bring another HOME GROWN South African Beauty to the showcase stage today with a true fascinating charm that is the essence of beauty and will power within as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLLBABE Corli Carratu together with Amical Photography


Welcome Corli


1. Give us a small introduction who you are and where you reside from in South Africa ?

Hi everyone, I am Corli Carratu, currently residing in Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa.I perceive myself as a business woman and own two Early Childhood Development centers as well as being a Director of a Labour Consultancy based in Gauteng. Furthermore I love fashion!, the lens of a camera, the outdoors, and I am also a avid cyclist.


2. How did your modeling career start for you to where you are now ?

At the Beginning of 2015 I decided to enter Mrs South Africa and was selected as a Semi Finalist as one of the most beautiful married sophisticated women in South Africa. Since then I got a few TV Adverts that I appeared in through my agency, I then recently got more interested in modeling photography , so decided to pursue my passion in this field via Social Media groups and modeling for some boutique clothing manufacturers.

I am currently in line to win a 1 year Modeling Contract in New York though an agency called ” JUST YOU Model and Artist Management” , the short list will be announce in February 2018 next month. ” so fingers cross I win. “

3. In your opinion give us 5 advantages modeling holds for you as a model ?

Modeling gives me self-confidence to believe in myself, every photo shoot is a new experience, every photographer has their own technique of shooting, every photo is unique, and teaches you to adapt quickly. I love doing beauty and fashion shoots especially if it is boutique clothing and keeps me up to drift with current trends.


4. What would you say is your favorite genre of modeling and why do you say so ?

I love doing boudoir shoots in different and eccentric locations and is much more fun than studio shoots.


5. What would you change about your personality or looks if you could ?

I am comfortable the way I am, although I have big feet! lol


6. Where is the one place in the world you feel safest and why do you say so ?

Definitely being home relaxing with my family – I think it relaxes me and also keeps my feet grounded at times knowing I am home together with the people in my life I love the most #MyFamily 


7. Favorite TV SHOW / MOVIE / MUSIC and what is your turn ons and turn offs ?

I am a music person, and prefer not to watch TV, put the music on loud and you will get me going! I love to listen to Ed Sheeran

8. What’s more romantic, to you ….cooking for someone or dancing with someone ?

Definitely dancing!


9. How did you feel when you got the news from our CEO Arne Schreuder , that you’ll be a MOLLBABE model feature for our January 2018 edition ?

Shocked and Surprised and was rather unexpected. As soon as I was informed and requested whether I would be interested to do a feature in this amazing magazine.  I immediately shared it with my husband. At first, I had some mixed feelings for was unsure what was expected of me but was also very excited. I am sure it will open some doors in the modeling industry for me. And to Arne Schreuder and Ashley Salazar I want to say thank you very much for giving me this opportunity and also believing in me and my ability to be the best that I can be and being part of this amazing #MOLLMAGFAMILY is surly a dream come true. 


10. Whats the next step for you in your modeling career where would you like to see yourself in 5years frm now ?

Good Question,  I do Modeling part time, but would like to start earning an income from it in the future and sign with a reputable modeling agency. I know its very hard work and long hours but I am up for the challenge and will grab every opportunity with both hands which comes my way , and work hard at it with that #NeverGiveUp spirit in me. 



  • Corli grew up in ( Paarl Boland , Cape Town South Africa ) she loves the outdoors , wine lands and mountain scenery of Cape Town and the beautiful Boland.
  • Corli is also a huge Rugby fanatic and supports the Stormers Rugby team thats based in Cape Town every chance she gets. Plus she also takes cycling very serious as well.
  • Corli is also a successful business woman in Advocate Labour Law Consultancy


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Photography credit : Freek du Tiot from , Amical Photography 



MAKEUP ARTISTRY BY : Eljoney Makeup Artistry and Styling 





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