Valentines season is here as we celebrate The Month of Love in Thai Paradise , as we introduce to you all our FEBRUARY 2018 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE covermodel #MissFebruary2018 Nadia Swann , as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews this amazing and talented beauty today.

Welcome Nadia ,

1. Welcome Nadia , please give us a small introduction on who you are and where you reside from ?

Dumela. Guten tag en Goeie more. I’m Nadia Swann, a proud South African, trans gender model currently residing in Germany.

2. How did you get into the modeling industry , and for how long have you been modeling , plus what’s the most exciting part for you as a model in the industry ?

To be honest I’m not quite where I need to be as a model. I have started modeling about 2 years back, Went a bit more professional, freelance about a year back and now working full steam on becoming a professional model. My most exciting part as a model is, when I can portray myself in front of the camera for who I really am on the inside and making the most of it every time a image gets taken.

3. Who would you say is your role model in the modeling world you look up to for inspiration ?

I have two if that’s okay. I love Andreja Pejic. I always wanted to be a model from a very young age, but never knew it could be possible until I came across her profile on google a few years back when I started my transitioning. Secondly without choosing in any order I have to say Charlize Theron. She comes from the same part of South Africa as I and as a South African, we always need to work harder to make it  a success in the fashion, glam world if I can call it that. We have far less opportunities in South Africa compared to other countries like the USA, Europe, etc. But regardless. She made it so big and look at where she came from. That’s really a big inspiration to me and I could honestly say that, that is what keeps me going, doesn’t matter how tough it gets you can never give up on you’re dreams.

4. How did you feel when you and our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder connected over social media and giving you the news that you will be our FEBRUARY 2018 MOLLMAGSA COVERMODEL for our Valentines feature issue ?

I had some mixed feelings at that time really. I have been asked to become a hair model for a very big hair brand a few days before and got rejected by them after I told them I was trans gender. I felt like giving up, at that point choosing modeling as a career. But a few days later, Arne contacted me. I knew that this was a sign. Two days later I got another call from another big agency in the USA and I knew that I had to go ahead with this shoot. There was a reason to carry on and I know that I just need to endure.

I was so excited to see that someone really actually noticed my hard work and just realized that the right moment will come. Just never give up.

5. As you traveled to Thailand to do this special photo shoot recently , what would you say is the most mesmerizing for you about Thailand as a country and the beauty it holds what makes it so unique ?

The people, food and scenery. Its not called the land of smiles for nothing. Thailand has a lot of poor and under privileged people, but very few people would judge a person there and you so often see how the Thai people really stand up for each other. They have a very strong self esteem and always try to make the best of every day. They hardly ever give up and so often will give everything they have , just to help one another. They are very lucky though. Just like us South Africans. They have the most beautiful coast lines and the beauty of the country could almost be discovered around every corner if you look close enough. Just an amazing country!

6. In Modeling these days trans gender modeling is becoming a huge trend around the fashion and modeling world , whats your opinion and seeing of it , please share with us ?

That’s true. Its still a gray area to some though, but many people are starting to understand the truth behind it. Look, its simple. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if someone can see the beauty in it, why not? It doesn’t have to be an ugly thing. Everyone has their own like’s and many see it as beautiful. I just feel we are only going into a time now where its becoming a bit more accepted and therefore , the opportunity should be grabbed with both hands and we need to make the most from it.

There are a lot of trapped trans gendered people out there , thats still living in the darkness of who they really are and want to be and I believe this should be an inspiration to those who hasn’t yet for filled their dream to be whom they want to be.

7. What qualities would you say do you admire about yourself and also about other people you socialize with and interact with in day to day life ?

Endurance. I spend a lot of time at the gym almost everyday and love to see results. Also seeing other people working hard everyday to achieve their goals. Its really amazing to see how a person can radically change with endurance.

You’re body, personality and mind set seeing the results from endurance. I also feel that people should apply this more often, with whatever it is they take on in life. Without endurance, one will see very little result.

8. Have you thought about what career or job you want to have one day besides modeling ?

Yes. I’m also a property developer and trader. At the moment the future looks good in Europe with properties. So I guess Ill carry on with that, but might also like to have my own modeling agency one day or maybe even my own clothing line range. But I’m happy with what I currently have.

9. As its the month of VALENTINES and ROMANTIC fevers and gestures , would you say you believe in finding your perfect soul mate in true love fashion to share and explore your feelings and dreams with one another and support each other every step you take together ?

Of course I do. As the saying goes there’s a lid for every pot.

But it will come natural and don’t go looking for it. If its meant to be, it will be. But a little romance or just showing that we care for one another should seal the deal. Maybe a beautiful red rose or so on valentines day. That’s really nice sometimes. ‘big smile’

10. Favorite Movie ? , Favorite way to relax after a big day ? , Favorite piece of clothing and fashion accessory you own ? , Whats makes you love someone special in your life ? , Your favorite body feature and asset you love about yourself ?

Favorite Movie – Atomic Blond

Favorite way to relax – A Bubble bath, a massage and a glass wine.

Favorite piece of clothing or fashion accessory – I have a pair of plain black 6 inch Gucci heels, they carry me everywhere I go. 

What makes you love someone special in your life – Its like a puppy. If you love me and you are adorable I will love you back. Its natural of me to love back.

Your Favorite body feature and asset you love about yourself – “Giggles” You know?………. Some say my smile and other say my eyes. But have you seen me in those heels? #Mylegsaregorgeous

11. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? 10 years? time from now ?

Have you seen my legs? These legs ain’t going nowhere so if not a super model then I would say a leg model in 5 years. And in 10 years I would like to be a mother and wife to my future husband.


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