That Flawless Beauty and secrets to who this amazing HOMEGROWN bubbly full of fun always smiling South African Blond Beauty is and more , as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews….. new comer to the modeling scene MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE model Marlize Moolman

Welcome Marlize ,

1. Give us a glimpse of who you are , where you reside from and what makes you being you Marlize ?

Good Day to all the readers! and fans plus followers , I am a freckled faced blond and a super friendly nature lover with a huge heart filled with love for everyone around me. I was born and raised in Witbank, Mpumalanga , South Africa.

After school I studied jewelery design at Pretoria Technikon and worked as a goldsmith until end of 2013.  Then moved on and started working at a geophysical contracting company doing mineral exploration and geotechnical surveys all over Africa. I am also now in the proses of getting a guesthouse build as I want to venture into the establishing of an adventure travel company soon as well in the near future.

In a nutshell I am a fun loving blond adventurous girl who loves life. One day when I am old and sitting on a bench somewhere in a retirement village I want to be able to say to myself:  “Girl you didn’t have a good life, you had an awesome life!” Like my motto always is “ you have 1 life so live it the best you can !

2. How did the passion for Modeling all start ?

It all started with THE GREEN BIKINI on my mountain bike. Hahahahaha… I posted a picture on FB a while ago , where I wore my bikini while on my mountain bike.  Seemed like my FB friends liked it and many of them commented that I should try out doing modeling. Since I am adventurous, I thought let’s give this a try. I contacted one or two photographers and after they posted pics of me I was overwhelmed with request from fellow photographers who also wanted to do shoots with me…….. as the saying goes , The rest is history!!

3. How did you feel when you got the news that you will be part of our FEBRUARY MONTH issue ?

I was ecstatic!  Could not believe that I am going to see myself in a online digital magazine! Whoohoo!

4. What do you think about us ……. what was your first impression about our MAGAZINE ?

MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAGSA  is a magazine that shows the beauty “the real look” of people around us in our daily lives and shows that every woman have not only an outer, but an inner beauty as well. this is a real true magazine that portrays the beauty of each model you feature.  It also shows that all of us have something very unique and that one must rather embrace it and not hide it.

I also LOVE THE WILDLIFE and NATURE section of the magazine as well , as it also puts the spotlight on the BEAUTY of SOUTH AFRICAN wildlife animals and nature and showing that we must care , respect and protect the Beauty of our Wildlife and Nature around us.

5. Can you tell us something about you that we don’t already know and that might surprise us today ?

Well…… Im also a avid scuba diver, mountain biker, triathlon athlete and an adventure racer!

6.What do you wish you could spend more time on each week in your personal and modeling lifestyle ?

More time……..  Definitely being outside in nature, hiking, mountain biking or kayaking. Personal life…….. Travel more, meet new people see new places, OOOH  yes and not the least, to push myself and see how far I can reach it in the modeling industry. I love this new adventure!

7. As its Valentines Month this month what would be your Valentines messages to your Valentine and loved one out there today ?
My partner support me 300% in everything I do.  He is the best and I love him to bits. I will walk up to him, give him an enormous hug. Wink at him and say, lets go for a drive to the nearby waterfall, I want to show you something!” Hahahahaha….. and he will be in the passenger seat (I might add) waiting for me cause he knows that I will be doing the driving!
8. Lets rewind the clock a bit take us back to your first ever date where was it and what did you do to make the day very special ?
My first valentines date was a high school valentines ball I went to with our neighbours son.  His grandpa gave him an old DKW car to build up.  I used to visit him to see how he was making progress not knowing that he was getting the car ready for our valentines date.  It was so special, driving with him to the ball in this old car. He gave me red roses, chocolates and a kiss! Good old times, high school sweethearts

9. Your favorite genre type of modeling ?

I like all the different genres as each one is unique and I enjoy to do all of them but if I must choose I would say glamor and bikini shoots. Glamor because it makes you feel like a princess and bikini shoots because they make you look like a beach babe full of fun, which I exactly am.

10. On set with Amical Photography …….. what was the first thing that went through your mind when you did this shoot for your magazine MOLLBABE feature with us today ?

Photographer , Freek du Toit from Amical Photography is such a professional photographer. He knows how to work with a model, to make her feel at ease and how to highlight her best features.  I immediately liked him and knew that we would get beautiful shots for this feature today , and I must say they look absolutely amazing ….. I can not believe its me #sobeautiful

11. What would you say is your best asset as a model what body feature would you say does your fans most like about you ?

 Definitely my freckles and my smile and my eyes. I laugh a lot!  I get a lot of compliments on my freckles and my smile.  I believe that you can see in a photo if you love yourself and I do.

12. We know models sometimes get those weird type requests and messages via social media sometimes , what would you say was the most weirdest request or message you got from your fans , please share with us?

Mmmmmm hahaha , well yes I’ve heard some stories in those lines from fellow models and friends , I guess my time of that will also come , just waiting for it lol………. What I can tell thus far though…….. a while ago we did some scuba dives in Egypt a few years ago and an Egyptian offered my partner 40 camels to buy me! Now that was funny! story LOL.
13. What is the one thing men should always know about women in your opinion ?
Do not try and change her character, accept her for who she is or move on. Be yourself and you will attract the right type of person.
14. What makes you happy and smile ?

Nature, my son, my partner, my parrots, my mountain bike, my kayak, my scuba gear ……..ok I guess I must stop now. Oh yes and also to see people showing the care and respect to wildlife animals and each other.

15. Whats next on your agenda in your growing modeling career ?

Getting more involved in the modeling industry , Make use of every opportunity I am getting and most of all enjoy every moment of it plus learn as much as I can from the experience.
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Article written , interview and edits done by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO

Arne Schreuder