As its the Month of Love this February Month , today we get treated to some Sweet Heart shaped Candy delights which is the true beauty of today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Master Class Beauty aka Christina Marie as she gets interviewed today by our CEO Arne Schreuder


Welcome Back with us Christina Marie , 

1. Tell us how does it feel to be back for yet another feature with us ?

Well I cannot thank you enough , its always wonderful to work again and feature again with my wonderful MOLLMAG FAMILY I really love and care about a lot , as the saying goes ” WE LOVE THAT MOLLBABE FAMILY FEELIN “


2. Explain to us which modeling achievements and published features as a model are you most proud of thus far since we featured you back in 2017 AUGUST of last year as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Babe of the Day , how much have your career grown from then to now ?

To be honest I could not imagine to be such a hit with the fans worldwide and also other Magazines that featured me since last year as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Babe of the Day back in AUGUST……… plus also a very special MOLLBABE  VALENTINE INSTAGRAM TOP 15 countdown yesterday as well 

I am truly over the moon thankful for it as I was feature as PART of Modeling news round up on ModelMayhem website , plus I was also featured in BADD MAGAZINE as well as CHULO Magazine and many more ….. also not forgetting my feature in PLAYBOY ESPANIA as Playboy CHICA Cybergirl , all in all it was a very busy and demanding year for me so far and still its glowing non stop and I truly love it loads.


3. We come to notice you’ve got a huge passion for Horse Riding , any chance you could invite us soon in this year or next year for a tour and photo shoot with most amazing wonders in your life aka the Horses ?

Well yes I would love that for sure …….. Lets get that airplane ticket booked as soon as possible and lets make it happen. I would love to do a photo shoot with my horses , as they were my special valentine this month as I love them so much.

4. On that note of #valentines , tell us how did this SWEET CANDY VALENTINE SHOOT happen how did the plan get into action ?

This was very interesting , as Arne and I connected and shared some ideas together and Arne came up with this very cool concept of putting Heart shaped candy together with my beauty …….. As Arne said to me and I quote ” lets make it shine with Candy and Red Valentine with my beautiful curves as Arne said to me ” , well then I truly knew my curves that I have is a BIG HIT on photo shoots and with the fans as Arne re assured me of that….. that I truly have beautiful curves and that I should flaunt them on shoots because as Arne said its one of my best features of me and it truly made me smile to know and hear that.

Then it was on to the next mission getting a photographer who was willing to do this photo shoot for me as it was real tough from the start to find someone at that given time  , but Me and Arne never gave up as we both sat long hours to find a tog and eventually we did…… As the saying goes HARD WORK pays off every time. As then we connected with Photographer Mark Vetrini Photography As he did this Sweet Candy Shoot.

5. We also hear along the grapevine THAT YOU ARE ALSO a HUGE WWE Wrestling Fan…… Tell us how did you enjoy the ROYAL RUMBLE this year ?

A true WOW Factor as I am a huge WWE FAN it was awesome to see the Womens Royal Rumble match for the very first time in HISTORY and also seeing The Bella Twins in action aka Nikki and Brie Bella , as I love the Bella Twins loads.

6. Some quick fire FUN FACTS of you to share with us today ?

Waist size – 30″

Cup size – D

Hips – 29″

Bust – 36″


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 Mark Vetrini Photography



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