Swimwear Siren beauties in the Bahamas as we put the spotlight today on some international Swimwear Summer Bikini Fashion and looks plus our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Photographer Mark Wong at the exclusive IBMS event in the beautiful Bahamas.

Warm Welcome Mark Wong 

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself who you are and where you reside from ?

I’m a easy going person. My private life is kept separate from the photography industry I am in. I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. I’m currently residing in Toronto Canada. I have a passion for photography and my goal on every shoot is to try and capture the emotions where the model is not posing for that one second and her true beauty revealed.

2. What made Photography as a profession or hobby so interesting to you ?

For me its being able to let people be themselves and it’s my job to just let me capture their expressions and emotions as themselves and saving those precious moments in time.

3. In which genres do you focus on the most in your photography besides swimwear photography ?

I also enjoy shooting lingerie in a editorial style where each picture tells a story. I love shooting creative high fashion editorials as well , as I like the challenge. I also look forward to shooting catalog work for retailers and designers also.

4. Any other hobbies please share with us ?

I used to do cycling during the summer months for a few week days and hours per day. Unfortunately I have not in the past 2 years. I still enjoy listening to music as I got this trait from my dad.. He has always been a audiophile. I picked up this bug and have several decent audio system with high quality speakers using separate amplifiers etc.

On my down time when I’m not editing on weekends I enjoy watching movies in a full surround sound. I have a projector with a 120” screen and 2x 15” custom JBL subwoofers. I have a SPL meter and I have tested the volume and it can hit 120db with the hard wood floor and walls vibrating. Eighteen years ago before photography I was a little into modifying my car to go faster. I have a older M3 that I had a turbo kit installed. I tested it on a dyno jet and at the wheels it puts down 404hp and 384lbs of torque back in 2003. That’s about 480hp and 450/ft/lbs rated at the motor.

5. You recently traveled to the Bahamas to do this special IBMS event photo shoots with Models Anya Benton , Ruth Schwietert and Liz Flowers , can you tell us a funny moment that you will always remember on set and location that happened with you and them …. Something …. out of the blue that gave that OMG moment ?

Oh my gosh now this would be so hard to just remember these incidents. This was a all inclusive resort so to keep hydrated I kept drinking those rum punches and beers. So I can’t actually remember any specific OMG moments. My personality I’m always joking with the models while I’m shooting. lol. My personality is laid back and my photo shoots have a casual fun atmosphere feel to them. IBMS is a amazing event company and recently they made me a brand ambassador for 2018. Being a ambassador I can attend any IBMS events sponsored.

6. Give us the inside scoop on how important is it to have the correct lighting or getting that perfect timing of lighting in the day to capture that perfect photo you want from the model ?

Lighting is everything in photography and the average photographer does not fully understand this yet. I started out photography using studio strobes for 2 years so I played with it till I understood how important lighting is. Morning light and sunset light are the softest light to shoot in. Mid day light is very harsh to shoot in,  but not impossible and if you understand lighting and correct exposure it works very well. I mentor a very select few on how important lighting is. If you have the lighting as best as you can in the camera 80% of your editing is already done. With this style it takes me a average 3 mins tops to do a edit.

7. Give us your three top tips for SWIMWEAR photography guidelines ?

First lighting, second model expression and pose and last using the background to add life to the photos rather than have it distract.

8. Your Photography gear thats most trusted for you and that you swear by aka your must haves in your photography bag ?

I currently have camera from Canon and Nikon. I use the Nikon more in the studio. The Canon is my go to camera as the AF locks as fast as you can touch that shutter button. When I travel to events all I carry is a 70-200 f2.8 lens and a 50mm f1.4 with a circular polarizer and nd filters to use when I decide to shoot with a strobe outside.

9. Which photographers have influenced your work and career path over the years ?

I love the style of Josh Ryan and Angel Raygun amazing fashion editorial photographers.

10. Where are you traveling to next on your Photography photo shoot event journey give us a sneak peek ………. ?

My next travel events will of course be with IBMS Miami in April and Punta Cana in May.

11. What would be your message of inspiration for other young up and coming swimwear photographers out there today Mark ?

Be patient it takes years to build your look and style of photography. If you want to succeed in photography you need to have some technical knowledge of lighting and how ISO, shutter speed and aperture affects exposure. Always ask questions and critiques regarding your photos to improve your skills.


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Anya Benton


  • Anya was born in Russia and moved to California USA to pursue her career in international modeling and as well as an actress acting career , plus also in her spare time shes a avid #FashionBlogger also

Ruth Schwietert :


  • Ruth Loves the Outdoors and adventures lifestyle hobbies include skiing , snowboarding , hiking and also volleyball plus #DidYouKnow Ruth is also a international Fitness Model as well 

Liz Flowers : 


  • Liz is not only a international IBMS model as shes also a talented Makeup Artist herself as well and she loves her animal pets #furbabies


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