Today we get in focus with International  Photographer Juan Irizarry  as we get a inside glimpse of what the Secrets of Boudoir is with model Maya Moon……. as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…..




1. Tell us a bit of who you are and where you reside from ?


My name is Juan C. Irizarry an American photographer originally from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico now residing in in the central region of the state of Pennsylvania USA. I’m a husband, a father to 2 beautiful daughters and a grandfather to 1 little brat named Alexa.

I have always been fascinated by digital photography and have owned digital cameras since they started coming out in the 1990s. But it was not until 2006/2007 when I was first introduced to DSLR cameras and photography after being inspired by the work of a close friend.

Initially my photography work was mostly around landscapes and architecture, I did not liked people on my pics, however as the “hobby” grew more expensive I had to find who would pay for it so I started taking photos of families, children and eventually weddings. I opened my first studio back in 2010 in the city of Hampton, Virginia.

In 2012 after moving from Virginia to Pennsylvania I started the Philadelphia Dance Photo Project, an initiative to work with the dance community in the city of Philadelphia. With the purpose of featuring local and regional dancers by photographing them in iconic places merging the City’s architecture and the dancer’s beauty and talent. I spent 4 years photographing dancers exclusively, the project gained local and international attention.

For the past 2 years I have focused a lot more on the glamour, fashion and fine art nude genres of photography but dance photography still among my favorite styles/genres.

2. Give a small preview to your TOP 5 MOST memorable photography features that has got international and local status ?

A) Dance Photo shoot aboard the SSUS , the SSUS the icon of an era served as the backdrop for a photo shoot with some local dancers from Philadelphia.

B) I was a contributor to the Dance Journal a regional publication with a focus dance in the

C) Multiple features on the internationally popular Dance Spirit Magazine website as photo of the day.

D) Some of my photography was featured on a poem book.

E) Collaborated as photographer for a published Cooking Recipes book with Chef Denis Chiappa

F) Multiple features/covers on printed and online mens magazines.


3. As a Photographer what is it about your job / hobby that you love the most ?

For me is all about the personal connection with the model/client, I have seen how photos can make a great impact in the way people perceive themselves, how their confidence grows and let’s them reach new levels. If my work can help in anyway to make someone feel better about themselves that is my ultimate satisfaction.

4. We would like to know How did you and Model Maya Moon met plus how did the confiding and style together ?


I met Maya trough another model, our first shoot was a great experience and since we have done a few other shoots with various genres including fashion & glamour. I always keep communication open and flowing before, during and after the shoot. Getting feedback especially during the shoot is key to getting great shots that we both like. Nothing is really random we talk about what kind of outfits, hairstyle etc. we want to use on the set, the purpose of the shots also determines what kind of look and feel as well as lighting will be used. The editing also will be kept inline with that. Bottom line I think it boils down to good communication and trust.


5. In your Photography what type of genre do you see yourself excel the most these days ?


Mainly glamour/boudoir, fashion and dance photography. While those have become my specialty I really enjoy working in multiple genres and take each as a challenge to grow my skills.

6. How do you see yourself using and displaying your images and photography to the public out there ,what type of social media and in / or an album/book? Framed for photography art exhibitions ?


I participate in gallery shows and exhibitions but my main channels for exposure is social media namely Facebook and Instagram. In the past few months I have begun to work closely with several magazines to provide quality content and reach different markets. Among my short-term goals is to attain publication in a top tier magazine.

7. Give us a sneak peek in explanation to your go to photography camera and gadgets you use to make the magic happen as the saying goes ?


I am a Nikon shooter and these days my go to camera is the Nikon D750 along with the Nikon 85mm F1.4 lens, the Nikon 80-200 F2.8 zoom lens and the trusty Nikon 50mm F1.8. I use strobes, studio lights such as Alien Bees, LED Rings and reflectors. I try to stick to natural lighting for most of my work but do not hesitate to mix it with other sources when needed.


8. What gets you extra inspired or enthusiastic to shoot ?


I draw inspiration from the model and or location. Sometimes the goal is to show a contrast between the beauty/softness of the model against a grungy, dark place or to place the subject within the majestic beauty of nature or in the context of some great architecture.


9. Which famous photography / artist quote do you live by everyday in your work you do as a photographer / artist ?


“The true artist is not proud: he unfortunately sees that art has no limits; he feels darkly how far he is from the goal, and though he may be admired by others, he is sad not to have reached that point to which his better genius only appears as a distant, guiding sun.” ~ Ludwig van Beethoven




I think this is very true in my own experience, I am always striving to improve, I never think that I have learned or mastered it all, the point is to have a relentless pursuit of excellence in your work and life.



10. How much preparation do you put into a portrait (or a series of images) ?


It depends, sometimes things just flow very naturally, and you just capture the perfect moment, other times a lot of preparation goes into it, such as scheduling, finding and or setting up location additionally I put a lot of attention to detail while editing so that can take quite a bit of time and effort.


11. Give us a small sneak peek into your next upcoming photography project ?


Publishing a photo book or series of books with my photography is among my next projects.



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