Today the 21st March 2018 marks the day of celebrating HUMAN RIGHTS DAY in SOUTH AFRICA ,



Whether you’re around the braai ( for a true SOUTH AFRICAN Braai / BBQ with family and friends ) , heading to the beach, or  ENJOYING a well deserve break in the bushveld surrounded by South African nature and beautiful wildlife , watching and taking in what the true beauty of SOUTH AFRICA has to offer around a campfire together with a few glasses of wine , beer or ( Klippies & Coke ) Brannewyn droewors , boerewors and biltong,  with your loved one or family …… today is the day to celebrate human rights day in ” true South African style and fashion ”  , which is also known as a public holiday….. 


This public holiday gives us all a chance to reflect on the fight for democracy and our rights as ” South Africans”, and for those who lost their lives sticking it the to age old apartheid era in our country. We want to give a BIG THANK YOU today to those brave souls which risked their lives for fighting for our rights and democracy in SOUTH AFRICA…… its all thanks to them all , that we have a set of rights designed to protect our dignity and humanity.





  • All persons have a right to citizenship and security.
  • Persons and groups are entitled to freedom of assembly, association, belief and opinion, and expression: You have the right to demonstrate, picket and petition.
  • Everyone has the right to be free from forced labour, servitude and slavery.
  • All persons have a right to privacy and to exercise political rights.
  • All have a right to access to information and just administration action.
  • Everyone has rights when they are arrested, detained and accused, and must have access to courts.
  • All have a right to freedom of movement and residence and of trade, occupation and profession.
  • In the workplace, everyone has a right to engage in trade unions and labour movements.
  • Anyone has the right to purchase property anywhere.
  • Everyone has the right to a basic education.
  • We all have a right to language and culture and communities;
  • Everyone has the freedom of religion and belief.



Further more South African women and children are also protected by more specific laws, designed to ensure their safety in “Mzansi” aka SOUTH AFRICA. Their basic human rights stretch to having a healthy living environment, access to health care, food and water, and they must all have the rights to social security ( if not then the government must support them , should they need it )

South Africa’s set of human rights are very progressive given that the SOUTH AFRICAN  constitution rights is one of the youngest in the world  therefore, most accepting of modern life – on the planet.

SOUTH AFRICA’S constitution is also famously the first to openly protect the rights of the LGBT community. It also offers protection from racial discrimination and religious hatred:


Therefore the state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, color, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.”

as WE as SOUTH AFRICAN’S and as a country can be proud of how many cultures ,  language’s and diversity we have and how we can have the freedom to celebrate it all with our fellow friends, loved ones , families and communities we embrace and live in together in unity.


In that all said a lot of things still need to be fixed in South Africa as a country and constitution   , but it must be remembered HUMAN RIGHTS DAY should be celebrated each year with pride in us all together with love, unity , peace and freedom for every SOUTH AFRICAN in our beautiful country……


And also lets rather all work together in unity and love together with each other in the hope to move further away from the shadows cast by our turbulent history in SOUTH AFRICA , for a brighter future for tomorrow and the legacy and footprints we leave for a shining better future ahead for our future with possibility and the belief in ourselves and each other.


” A very Happy Human Rights Day to All South Africans “




Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO