Time for the MOVIE buffs to take their seats today as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder Reviews this thrilling Russian intelligent spy thriller aka RED SPARROW  goes on a mission to capture a DOUBLE CROSSING CIA mole.



As the story takes off in modern day ( Moscow ) RUSSIA , a ballerina by the name ( Dominika Egorova played by Jennifer Lawrence ) picks up a career ending injury , then when her  uncle whom works for the RUSSIAN intelligence asked Dominika , to help out to capture AND murder a well known Russian Politician as planned as she then takes up the challenge to help her uncle.

There for  Dominika then is forced by her uncle to follow in her uncles footsteps as she goes on a special AGENT training course to become a operative Russian Intelligence spy aka known as   ” RED SPARROW “ as she uses her seductive beauty and AGENT training skills to seduce the Politician called Dimitry Ustinov, in the aim to target him down on a hit list and operation that was formed by Dominika’s uncle.

Dominika is then sent to Budapest on a special mission to work as a double agent with the CIA as she meets up with CIA AGENT ( Nate Nash played by Joel Edgerton ) to capture a mole in the agency that worked alongside Nate Nash whom wants to take revenge on both sides from a political stand point from RUSSIA and the United States , as the mole has some valuable information that could hurt both countries in the future ,

As it is then ” RED SPARROW “  Dominika Egorova’s mission then TO FIND OUT whom the mole REALLY is and what the information it is that the mole holds and to put an end to this uplifting corrupted crisis.




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