Bringing the Class and Success of what true beauty means as we interview today MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Stunner Sarah Clayton in our Lingerie April Month Special Edition alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder.



1. Today its a beauty blast from the past …… Welcome Back Sarah Clayton as we missed you a lot , since we last featured you back in 2015 NOVEMBER , tell us what have you been up to since we featured you back in then?

  • Thanks so much, I’m thrilled to be featured again! I’ve been spending a ton of time creating exclusive content for my website,

I’ve also made a YouTube channel entitled “The Girl Next Door” with a focus on products that women and couples would love to try out, and I’ve launched a VIP SnapChat that I’ve been having a lot of fun interacting with everyone on!


2. As you are a profound success story in your own right give us a inside LOOK in what makes you so successful as a model and business woman ?

  • Honestly I’m probably most successful because I have an understanding and motivated partner who helps me in all aspects of what I do regarding my modeling career. Besides that I work hard to try to eat as clean and balanced of  a diet as I can, still leaving room for tacos and a couple drinks here and there!


3. In this special Lingerie feature you did for us and submitted to us today….. tell us in your own words how would you describe your unique sensuality and style in 4 words ?

” Classy Sensual Captivating Mysterious “

4. Give us a small run down on your most memorable modeling features you did along with today’ s special feature for us ?

  • My most memorial would be doing pictorials for Playboy, every time I worked with them I was able to see a new part of a city I was unfamiliar with and get a full treatment with a full Playboy team!

Plus this particular feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA was also a unique shoot in that it was shot in a public parking garage… right around the time people would be leaving work! I had a task to try to hide whenever I heard footsteps coming #beingverydiscreet  so I wouldn’t be discovered and possibly cited for public indecency!


5. Favorite Fashion Outfit for you to wear this season that we will find in your closet ?

  • I just picked up a few really awesome tank dresses for the summer that I can’t wait to wear, along with a pair of muted pink toned open toe heeled sandals that I’ll probably wear out by the end of the season!


6. Turn Ons and Turn Offs ?

TURN ONS – Turn ons are someone who is genuine, kind and smart! I love a great set of teeth as well as someone who knows how to dress themselves! It doesn’t have to be expensive labels but knowing what looks best on you is key.


TURN OFFS – are definitely anyone being cocky or showboating, I have absolutely no time for that. Or being rude or disingenuous to anyone.


7. What is the one thing Men should learn on how to treat and satisfy a woman in your opinion ?

  • ” Love to be treated with respect and like an equal. ”  I am not a woman who likes to be coddled or treated as if I can’t do anything for myself. In order to both mentally and physically satisfy her, just listen and if you pay attention you’ll get it right.


8. As its April Month lets play a joke or prank …… what will be your ultimate April Fools joke or prank you could play on someone ?

  • Oh Damn …… I’m horrible at playing pranks! I always feel terrible. Maybe wearing a super short wig or something !


9. In your own words …….. What does it mean to be a INTERNATIONAL MOLLBABE model and part of the #MOLLMAGFamily ?

” To be among some of the most gorgeous women around! “


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