Today we Travel the South African Shores to bring you all A Fashion Flash African Beauty Spice twist , As we give you a African fashion editorial feature with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Cee Bailey together with Jp Photography, as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder this April month.


1. Welcome Back MOLLBABE Cee Bailey for another brand new fashion editorial feature together with JP Photography , how does this news make you feel today ? 
  • I am honored to be back and it truly feels amazing as all ways thank you , I am so sorry for keeping my fans waiting for so long to be back since last year August.

2. We fell in love with this amazing photo shoot fashion editorial concept you and JP did , tell us how did this all come together ?

( CEE ) – To be honest I was asked by JP to do a shoot and he suggested that we should do fashion… I have done a few before but not as amazing and fun as this one , then we took the final concept and photo shoot editorial photos and presented it to CEO Arne Schreuder , as Arne then worked his magic for us in putting it together for this Amazing MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA April 2018 feature spread for us , which we are truly #thankful.

( JP Photography ) – Had this Amazing idea in doing a fashion editorial shoot in the streets of the beautiful Cape Town South Africa and chosen Cee Bailey as the model plus with the flowing dresses and outfits we had as props , and I am so thankful that the weather played its part as well and now this beautiful editorial can be seen in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA.

3. JP what makes photography in this genre make so interesting for you as a photographer ?

Well I love bringing my ideas to life as the saying goes a photographers speech shines through with his images and photo shoots to tell his story to the world ….. Today I am telling my story to you all with this Fashion Editorial I did and that I am very proud of………. I also focus on other genres like , Lingerie , Swimwear and Mens Fashion , also weddings and events photography  , so keep your eye out for more features to come from me in the future.

4. CEE and JP ….. If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days and the pay ?

( Cee) –  I would treat myself to a spa day to be honest I haven’t had a spa day in forever.

(JP Photography ) – Mmmmm interesting let me see ………. Nothing beats a little 3day getaway well deserved vacation for me with my photography equipment in my travel bag ready to explore.

5.  Lets get social , Cee tell us what’s the most creative use of emojis you’ve ever seen and used yourself on social networks and media ?

  • I love using the #SmilyFace Emoji…… creative as it get thats my favorite when good feedback is involved with my work.


6. Cee and JP we know that togs and models enjoy to crack a joke behind the scene of a photo shoot to break the ice so to speak , spill the beans to us today …….  What’s the best / worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you ?

( Cee ) – I am a joker but i am not that cruel to play it on the togs… haha

( JP Photography ) – Famous last words Cee , as I can recall ” Who spiced your food at the restaurant we had after the photo shoot we did today ….. lol

7. Lets get creative ……. What was the last photo you took ?

( Cee , as a model ) – I did a bondage shoot with ropes … great experience never did it before

( JP Photography , as a photographer / tog ) – Well I am busy with a amazing MENS FASHION EDITORIAL and cant wait to show you guys the final product #whatchthisspace 

8. Your Favorite quote you live by……. ?

( Cee ) – “Never give up on your dreams… strive to climb that ladder no matter what gets in your way “

( JP Photography ) –  ” Doesn’t matter how hard life knocks you down…. always remember to stand up dust yourself off and look forward in the future and not backwards in the past. “


9. Hidden talent besides being a model and being a photographer ?

( Cee ) – Well as most of you already know if I am not at a studio in front of a Camera …….. I am on the shooting gun range , getting my inner BondGirl a exercise as I love shooting guns and doing also archery , I love the Outdoors.

( JP Photography ) – Well I love to spend the off days I have on at the Racing tracks whatching HOME GROWN Motorsport Talent on show with V8 Supercars making a noise and the smell of burning rubber around the track …… nothing beats that.


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