Today we give a new meaning to the word ” Housewife ” that cooks up a storm in the kitchen, as we give the kitchen a classic beauty look makeover …….Introducing MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA #MissApril2018 covermodel JUNE ANN as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder 

A HEAT UP in the Kitchen Warm welcome to you June Ann ,

1. Welcome Back June its real good to have you back in front of the camera since we featured you last year , tell us what have you been up to aka photo shoot project wise since last year ?

Well thank you , I am glad to be back and honored to be chosen for another amazing feature with my #MOLLMAGFAMILY , missed you all very much. As far as photo shoot projects goes , Ive been learning on getting more creative with the old school classic black and white photography looks , plus also been working on some interesting artistic photography as well and also videography also which is a lot of fun and very interesting for me as its my new venture im taking on with my brand geminijunemoon.


2. Also a HUGE congrats on being named as our #MissApril2018 MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE Covermodel , how does this news make you feel right now ?

I am truly overwhelmed with joy , as this was always a dream of mine to be on the cover for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA , as I said to myself ….. ” This year is My Year ” and I am so grateful to CEO Arne Schreuder and Photographer Steve Yancey for helping me making this a reality , we are truly a team that makes dreams come true together.


3. How did this photo shoot concept and idea came about , plus Who inspired you to do this photo shoot feature for us ?

Firstly Arne approached me last month back in March ,  and asked if I feel ready for doing this month’s cover ………. and I jumped to the opportunity as I knew there would be loads of models standing in line for this amazing opportunity , Then me and Arne chatted about a Kitchen shoot concept …… then we both had the same vision of giving the MOLLMAGSA fans and readers , something unique and different

” Something thats anti glamor with a classic editorial look that portrays the day to day life of a hard working Housewife in the Kitchen that in her own unique way can show she’s also beautiful to the world “


We then got my fantastic and close friend I adore aka Photographer Steve Yancey on board to do the shoot and I must say so myself our visions and concept and photo shoot fitted in like puzzle pieces,  perfectly together to give it that amazing feel and look to what we wanted from the start , I totally love it……. As I was inspired by , ” Tina Louise-inspired lifestyle/editorial relaxed shots looks cooking in kitchen. “


4. As this feature today portrays the everyday cooking Kitchen Housewife look , what does it mean to you as a woman to showcase to the world that even a day to day normal housewife can also make a name for herself in a lifestyle beauty and entertainment magazine these days please explain ?

For this means a lot to show that a Woman also can stand strong on her own two feet and show to the world we as a normal day to day housewife’s these days also have the ability to be beautiful and unique in our own way , and that means……..

” You don’t need makeup and all that glam looks to look beautiful in life , instead be natural,  be you , as thats the most beautiful version of yourself you can truly be and be proud of it. “


5. Lets cook up a storm in the kitchen today , tell us whats your favorite food dish to make and enjoy ……… time to spill mama’s secret recipe ?

  • Starters I love my grilled veggie scewers , as I’m a Lady that loves living and eating healthy at the same time.
  • Lunch time it will be Crawfish , corn and a baked potato on the side ……. ( Mmmm yum yum )
  • Also love my greens,  freshly harvest homegrown sunflower sprouts and pea shoots and edible flowers with a drizzle of lemon juice some orange peels and olive oil.


 6. As they say the perfect way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and appetite , #ROMACEANDFOOD what will your combination food recipe be to capture your mans heart in food and romance together ?

…….. Thats easy , because you will never go wrong with a juicy tender steak for your man , homemade burgers and sweet potato fries and to top it off with a candle light atmosphere and desert in more ways than just one lol ” wink wink , (LADIES you know what I mean when I say desert in more ways than one )


7. Whose your favorite chef when it comes to wine and dine and cooking which famous world chef inspires you in the kitchen ?

I love love love Gordon Ramsay and his cooking shows, but then I must also say I love to experiment with food in the kitchen and like to put my own unique twist on things to spice it up a bit in the kitchen. #LiveGreenLiveHealthy


8. Your inspiration Beauty Quote for today Please share

” Be You , Be Natural , Be confident,  Be Proud , because that is Beauty in a Nutshell. “


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Photography By Steve Yancey




ARTICLE edits and COVERDESIGN done by : 

Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO