Tombs and ancient Japanese Quest , #Tombraider2018 is rebooted and back as the brave Lara Croft goes yet again on a Tomb raiding quest this time on an ancient  Japanese Historical Quest to for fill the latest findings on Yamaka Island surrounded by the Devil’s Sea.

So get ya Popcorn ready as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder takes us on a inside look of the brand new revamped ( action adventure) and newest quest in the Lara Croft Tombraider series 

As Lara Croft played by actress Alicia Vikander goes on a mission to HONG KONG to meet with a boat captain by the name of Lu Ren to travel to a ancient historical Japanese Island YAMAKA which is in the middle of the Devil’s Sea , to find out what happened to her father’s disappearance aka archaeologist Lord Richard Croft played by actor Dominic West on the island ,  Lara gets much more than she bargained for as it takes her on a QUEST to for fill her father’s latest founding in ancient Japanese Historical artifacts.

And the findings of what the story and myth behind the Warrior  mythical Queen aka Himiko holds ( The Queen of Death and Darkness ) has kept for decades for the history and existence  of the Ancient Queen and her Warrior Japanese Army.

As Lara then also discovers its not just she thats on the same path of her Father’s founding of Himiko’s tomb , but she and boat captain Lu Ren  must then also battle and fight with another archaeologist and expeditionist by the name of Mathias Vogel, whom is the leader of an expedition to locate and steal Himiko’s tomb and artifacts , which Lara’s Father Richard Croft worked real hard to find and preserve for the future.

“In this said its Lara Croft’s mission then to STOP MATHIAS VOGEL and his men , before the ancient tomb of Himiko gets into the wrong hands of the tomb thief’s. “


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” MOVIE FUN FACT , #DidYouKnow – #TombRaider2018Movie producing and photography was done in London UK , Hong Kong , Japan and Cape Town , South Africa “






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