Blond Bombshell with Beauty a SunTan and curves in the right places to match that OCEANETTE BEACH ANGELS look as we introduce our newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA from Cape Town South Africa MOLLBABE Carla Van Rensburg as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder


1. Tell us a bit more about yourself to us Carla on who you are what makes you to being who you are and where you reside from in SOUTH AFRICA ?

  • I would describe myself as a very colorful girl ! I am very bubbly and creative and love having fun ! I Have a degree in Fashion and in Fine-arts but my passion is in modeling and photography ! I grew up in Durban in a little town on the south coast called Amanzimtoti in South Africa. But I reside now in Cape Town South Africa.

2. How did the passion for modeling start to where you are now ?

  • My dream of becoming a model began 11 years back when I joined my first model agency at mobile model management in Durban . Not long after that I was featured in magazines, book covers , Fashion shows and won many titles . I currently hold the title for face of KZN 2016 and have worked with some of the most respected photographers in South-Africa like Kim van Zyl and Danny Steyn.


3. How does it feel to be chosen as a MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature for our April 2018 issue AND also covergirl for our OCEANETTE BEACH ANGELS SPECIAL EDITION , alongside fellow mollbabe Sonel Luyt ?

  • It’s such a privilege to be part of such a awesome magazine ! I’m so excited to share my passion and creativity with my mollmag and mollmagsa fans !


4. Any Hobbies of Interest , what do you do to relax ?

  • My hobbies includes , Painting , writing ,running , going to gym to stay fit and healthy and going on hikes . On the fun side I like to attend parties and festivals and anything that sounds super fun !


5.  If you could pick to have a #GirlCrush who will it be and why ?

  • My girl crushes are most definitely   Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez . I grew up watching them on Disney channel . I think they both are really gorgeous , edgy and not afraid to be themselves and show the world what they made of !


6. Whats your plans for the future in modeling and in your personal career outside modeling ?

  • I would love to travel the world , doing photo shoots and creating art at the best locations and with the best photographers .

“After modeling I want to pursue my career as a buyer in the fashion industry or work with some of the best fashion designers , which I have already met in my modeling career. “

7. Favorite piece of Bikini , And Favorite #foody beach side snack you enjoy to indulge in ?

  • Favorite piece of bikini would be my boobalicouis  piece showing of my amazing GOD GIVEN assets I am so proud of , plus my Favorite snack would be any ice cream on a very hot day specially if it has chocolate in it ! I’m a sucker for CHOCOLATE and crazy for NUTS ( wink wink )



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