Bringing the Sassy and Sexy Back………. as we go back to school moments with MOLLBABE Babe of the Day MOLLMAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA introduce naught but nice schoolgirl themed Lydia Collinge as she gets interviewed today by our CEO Arne Schreuder

Welcome Lydia ,

1. Welcome Back Lydia….. since last year September , tell us how would you describe your MOLBABE EXPERIENCE thus far and how did it open the doors to further photo shoot projects for you as a model ?  

  • Hi everyone I’m back and I would definitely say……… that this gave me a bigger opportunity again when you published me in September 2017 as cover MODEL and in feature Arne. I have gained a lot more new fans and increased my numbers.I love this magazine so much because i have family in South Africa as well and i admire the wildlife too which i have seen from pictures and videos. There are many models that have also been published in this worldwide, so it has opened up more greater opportunities for me in my life and I am so thankful to be published again this year.


2. With this Schoolgirl outfit and theme behind today’s feature , tell us how did this idea all came about ? 


  • I decided I wanted to do a school girl theme as a photo shoot. I knew that I would be fantastic with this especially for a MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature for this month…….. because I suit the style and the look to portray as a school girl. I’ve always thought about doing a photo shoot with the theme of a school girl so I  decided that I must do this and when I did I absolutely loved it carrying my schoolbooks and sitting at a school desk which does bring back high school memories and makes me feel younger too. I loved the look of the style too with the hair and make up.


3. Lets go back to school , what was your favorite subject back in school ?

  • Alright well that’s a tricky one. I did love cooking CLASSES,  because I was able to learn how to cook lots of different varieties of recipes and I would get A+ for my overall grades.
 I also enjoyed arts and crafts because i was able to learn how to make and create amazing stuff which was a lot of fun and joy.
4. Were you a naughty girl at school or did you obey the rules ?
  • Yes I was naughty at school because sometime I would not attend school or bank classes , because I didn’t like sport and PT classes  and would go to the shops instead , as the PT classes involved boring subjects at times.  I guess the secret is out now lol  I’m sorry to my PT TEACHER at the time, but I must admit it lol.


5. Tell us were you one of the popular kids back in school ….. how did your classmates and fellow learners treat you ….. spill the beans ? 

  • Yes I was very popular at school and I was friends with all the popular kids. I would also mix with everyone and everyone was really kind towards me so I did have a mixture of friends so I wasn’t hated at school.
I would have bad days and good days too but yes all my friends have me now on Facebook.  I do feel that now everyone has moved on with there own lives so there is not a lot of communication ,  but I feel even popular now because i have made it big in my career and gotten further than what i was in high school,
and I feel great about it know and I think that it is amazing how far I have come so far , plus there is  much more ahead in my career to look forward to as well #excitingtimes for sure.

6. In today’s schools there is a lot of bullying among pupil’s these days and school yard fighting …… if you were on the school board as a school faculty or the principle of a school …. what is the 5 rules you will implement to prevent and put a stop to school bullying among learners / school pupils in today’s age ? 

  •  I would be having the police involved with a lot of the incidents which happen.
  • I would definitely employ security so that they can patrol the school grounds to keep watch on all the activities which go on.
  • I believe that with security it would hopefully be a deterrent , ” in the meaning of security in a way with less guns but more support and believe in the learners and school kids”  , where the kids and pupils feel they can be listened to and also have a voice to stand up for their rights as well,  because there has been a lot of  VIOLENCE at schools around the world these days …… shootings and stabbings and most of them are because of bullying between school pupils and also depression for school kids also plays a big role for this on going problem and dilemma.
  • Plus it also starts with good discipline at schools and  at homes with school kids and their parents ……. parents should make themselves involved in the school kids learnings and school activities and support the kids 100% , as well as the teachers.
  • As well as RULES that are implemented in school should be also more on a stricter level as well , and RULES are set in place for a reason that should be obeyed as well by learners.


7.  What is your favorite social media app to use on the go these days ?

  •  I’m on the go a lot of the time so I find that the best app for me is Facebook where I can connect with my fans and others but I do use Instagram and sometimes Snapchat so I am pretty much available on a lot of social networking apps.


8. Share with us some fan mail today…… what was the most cutest message you got from a fan / supporter that was so mesmerizing as a model ? 

  • I love getting fan mail and the most cutest letter would be…

“Here is a sweet gift for you, beautiful Lydia Collinge. I’m so proud of you. I am very happy to support you and i  always will and hopefully this helps you for your wardrobe in photo shoots.”


I think that’s very sweet and kind. I love getting fan mail so please send me letters, postcards and gifts.  Thank you for reading my feature article.



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