Bronzed Tans Sunshine cocktails and some magical sea side waves bring us some Bahama Beach Beauties from the Tropics as we give you all today our MOLLMAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA May 2018 Swimwear special edition in conjunction with International Bikini Model Search ( IBMS ) and Mosaab Alsaray Art Photography in the Caribbean Islands of the Bahamas , features Models Ciara Nichols & Verphoria , as our CEO Arne Schreuder founds out more.


1. Give is a small intro on who you are as a photographer and where you reside from Mosaab ?

  • My name is Mosaab Alsaray, I am an award-winning and internationally published Fine art portrait/fashion/beauty/ swimwear artist based in Boston, MA. – USA ,  I travel internationally with the International Bikini model search (IBMS) company ,  since I am one of their photographers. Art and photography are my passion; I am an editor in an online magazine called Professional Photography. Recently I start to focus on education for models and photographers.


2. Photography as a passion and profession where did it all start for you ?

  • I love art and photography since I was born but got my first DSL-professional camera on Jul 04, 2015. I love creativity, fine art and storytelling. I am always inspired by movies and the old days, I love the vintage feel. I have a good collection of vintage props and dresses. Photography is my favorite creative outlet. It helps me to see the world a little better.  I also have a website with professional service that includes photo shoots and workshops I make possible for models and fellow photographers I interact with…..

” As Photography Workshops is a great way for models and fellow togs to learn the tricks and traits of the business we find ourselves in “

3. We want to thank you for this amazing swimwear submission you submitted to us for this month’s special SWIMWEAR EDITION, we want to know how did you and Verphoria and Ciara gell for these amazing photo shoot sets on location on the BAHAMAS ?

  • These sets were taken at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort, Freeport, Bahamas event with IBMS. Verphoria and Ciara are great models to work with. I did the set with Verphoria on sunrise time on the beach. While the set with Ciara in the swimming pool at the resort.


4. As this photo shoot was part of the IBMS MODEL SEARCH COMP that was held in the Bahamas, please give us a small preview how these events gets organized and managed ….. to make it one of the most prestige’s modeling events held worldwide from a Photographer prospective like yourself ?

  • ELINA and PATRICK MCKINNEY are the Co-founders of IBMS. The event  is full of models, photographers, industry professionals and more from all around the globe who have the same vision and goal: #POSITIVITY. IBMS is a company and family that take care of each other, support each other, protect each other, empower each other, inspire each other, lead each other and love each other , much like the MOLLMAGFAMILY which includes MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA

The IBMS brings together many of the industry’s top magazines, publications, photographers, models, scouts, designers, stylists, corporate sponsors and more to one location for one week filled with non-stop photo shoots, experience, exposure, support, casting calls, networking opportunities and more.

” Plus the IBMS and all the models and photographers we all are very great full to work in conjunction together with the #MOLLMAGFAMILY with you Arne Schreuder and Ashley Salazar , as this magazine and family is a great platform to showcase our talents locally and international , thank you “


5. Other than swimwear photography, what other modeling genres do you focus on in photography ?

  • As mentioned , I focus on Fine art portrait, conceptual, high fashion, and beauty.


6. As a professional photographer you’ve traveled the world over and over, tell us what is the most fascinating for you as a photographer when you travel to so many different countries and cultures, what captures your attention every time from the different countries and cultures ?

  • I love to travel and learn other cultures. I would like to meet new people. The things that capture my attention every time that the world we live is so beautiful and we have to travel to discover that we around beautiful world.


7. Every photographer has a different story he or she wants to tell to the world through the lens, what is your story ?

” Photography is one of the most important aspects of my life. For me, I believe it is a way to express myself. it’s more about creating art that creates a deeper meaning. I love the creativity and teller story. Photography keeps my brain ticking and my eyes open. Photography connects us to the real world in a unique way. “




  • Your Favorite photo you took of all time – It is hard to question, I love all my photos, but the editorial set of Olga Kwasniewski
  • When in the Bahamas which time of day is the best to do a photo shoot -Sunrise, the golden hour is the best time to shoot
  • Your Photography Icon or Inspiration you look up to – Annie Leibovitz -vanity fair photographer
  • Which Camera do you use and equipment of choice – Currently I am using Sony Alpha a7R III



8. Which other hobbies interests do you other have other than photography ?

  • I love football a lot.


9. What can we expect from you for the future ahead #sneakpeek on your next project ?

  • I launched my website and partner, Olga Kwasniewski starting to offer a workshop for models and photographers. I will be in Costa Rica on September later this year with IBMS. In additional of working with multiple new projects and publications.


DID YOU KNOW section time with Model Ciara Nichols :

A ) Ciara took part in the Maxim’s Finest Model Search comp for Maxim and she was also invited to attend the MAXIM HOT 100 Party in Los Angels this year 2018.

B ) If she wins the lotto or jackpot sweepstakes , Ciara wants to travel to Egypt to explore the ancient Egyptian ruins, as its a life time goal. she really loves traveling the world as well.

CIARA NICHOLS | facebook | twitter | instagram

DID YOU KNOW section time with Model Verphoria :

A ) Vephoria is an aspiring international model , musician , song writer artist and producer.

VERPHORIA | instagram | facebook |



Also Big Thank You Shoutout to The International Bikini Model Search – IBMS corp.

co owners Elina and Patrick McKinney


Article written / edits , cover design and interview done by : 

Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO