Give a warm welcome to our JUNE 2018 cover model as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to interview the Capetonian Beauty that has that gemstone shine “Chatoyant” like quality in her , from Cape Town, South Africa, MOLLBABE Carmen Jantjies.

Good Morning Carmen Jantjies ,

1. Welcome Back Carmen we truly are very excited about today’s feature as this is the 3rd time you are being featured , tell us how much did you grow in the modeling business as a model and as a person ?

  • Wow Iv’e grown a lot as a model and as a person, more self confident, have lots of support from family and friends, a lot of motivation from photographers and last but not least I love what I do…

2. As the saying goes …….. ” Third time works like a charm ” the JUNE cover is also your very first MAGAZINE cover ever for a prestiges magazine like us (The MOLLMAGFAMILY) that includes you …. how did it feel when our CEO ARNE SCHREUDER told you and gave you the exciting news?

  • Very overwhelmed couldn’t believe it ,because it’s a dream come true. I’m so happy to be part of the #MOLLMAGFAMILY!

“I’m very much overwhelmed that it’s my 3rd time being featured!! truly honored.”

3. How was the experience and feel on set and location for this shoot you did alongside Kim van Zyl Phtotography in Cape Town?

  • It was amazing, he makes you feel so at ease and comfortable with yourself and your body. His an awesome photographer to work with and will refer anyone to him.
Credit : (Kim van Zyl Photography)

4. We’ve noticed you have changed up your hairstyle a bit with a funky fashion look to it for this 2018 season,whats the secret keeping those curls so frizzy ………. time to spill out some beauty secrets?

For years Iv’e been using hair products such as relaxer and dye. But also iv’e been following some hairstyles especially the frizzy hair like how our Capetonians would like to call it the”Bossiekop”

Credit : (Kim van Zyl Photography)

Iv’e decided to do some research and came across that a lot of woman been making these changes and it was to go natural meaning they would either transition(outgrowing the relaxer and trim their hair regularly) or do the big chop(Cutting their hair very short) and start to let it grow naturally.

Iv’e noticed that one’s hair is more healthier and that is why I decided to go natural. I also got to experience my natural route with the curls which is amazing. Lots of woman are going that route nowadays  and we also support each other with our journeys. It’s no secret of how I’m keeping my curls like this lol I just follow some links on social media and some tips from natural hair experts. I’m always open for questions and to help where I can.

Credit : (Kim van Zyl Photography)

5. Tattoos Body Art , tell us whats the meaning behind these artistic and beautiful tattoos of yours?

  • I love tattoos……some artist hang theirs I wear mine! Each and everyone of my tattoos on my body have a meaning and story. This is how I portray my life!

6. Its FIFA WORLD CUP time again and the world is buzzing with excitement …………. for #FIFAWCRUSSIA20018 who is your pick to win it this year and which Football / Soccer superstar hunk captures your eye on the field every time he plays?

  • I’m not a huge soccer fan first of all,but if I had to select a team to win the World Cup…….. maybe Portugal which Christiano Ronaldo will represent and his after all a handsome hunk no doubt about it!!

7. #WaterCrises , Cape Town and its communities are going through an on going battle of water crises shortage that is affecting the City and its people and South Africans of all cultures and backgrounds in a very big way…… Give us a small glimpse on how did it effect you as a South African …….. its time to speak out and make your voice heard today?

  •  It’s not a nice situation to be in, or go through to say the least….. we as the Jantjies household are using the gray water system to do our bit in saving water on a daily bases. I pray for a rainy winter this season for our dams and rivers to fill up to their capacity again, because we truly need the rain and also clean clear water.



PHOTOGRAPHER : Kim Van Zyl Photography