Today we get RedHot under the collar and the Bedroom Sheets as we bring you all a Redhead with roaring modeling beauty and potential as we introduce MOLLMAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Ruth Marie as she sat down with our CEO Arne Schreuder for a interview.


1. Ruth tell us a bit about yourself ?

  • Good Day everyone , my name is Ruth Marie ,  I am a professional agency represented model, actress and Airbrush make-up artist! I have been modeling, acting and doing makeup for over eight years now and I totally love my journey to where it takes me.


2. Describe yourself in 4 words to us?


Passionate, Gregarious, Compassionate, Resourceful.


3. When did the modeling journey began for you as a model ?
  • Well Ive started small and work my way up into the ranks of modeling as I’ve mentioned that I’ve been doing this for more than eight years and counting. And I love it all the way , as I’ve been building my modeling Career and Portfolio via MODELMAYHEM modeling Platform.


4. How did you come to notice us as a magazine and where did you hear from us ?

  • From one of my amazing photographers I recently worked with and then I got in contact via Instagram with CEO Arne Schreuder , that told me about this amazing opportunity.



5.  How did you feel when you got the news from our CEO Arne Schreuder that you’ll be part of our MAY 2018 features this month ?

  • I felt amazed and thankful that someone truly saw my beauty and for what it stands for, And I am honored to grace this phenomenal Magazine’s aka MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA’S pages this month thank you so much.


 6. If you were not known as a model today what would be your other occupation we would find you doing ?

  • Probably an International spy and little person clothier…..


7. How do you keep fit healthy and your body in top form for photo shoot projects , please explain ?

  • Well………. My weekly routine goes like this : Forget to exercise, remember to exercise, forget again, drink a slim fast shake , eat a big kahuna burger, remember to exercise, and repeat. Then whoop its  Sunday , and that means…. fun day!


8. What makes you feel beautiful as a woman ?

  • The accomplishments that the brave strong women before me have done to give me rights and the chance to have an equal voice in society….well… that and a great pair of heels.


Eye color – Green/blue
Height – 6’0″
Cup / Bust size – 34D 
Hair color – Auburn
Star Sign – Gemini
Favorite music at the moment – Always the Ramones and anything by Elvis and Elvis Costello 
Do you believe in Love at First Sight – No
Favorite Foody Snack to nibble on – Pickles 
Are you a Leader or a Follower – I always lead if there is no one I deem worthy to follow. 


9. What has been the most memorable highlight of your modeling career thus far ?
That is tough, I have so many!… I would say working with Danny Trejo in Hollywood was a top memorable experience.

10. What next, What are your plans for this 2018 season as a model ? 

  • Same thing I do every year! Be the best… I can be and hopefully feature as a cover for MOLLMAG USA AND MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA soon in the months to come ( wink wink )


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Article , edits and interview done by :
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