Here is a Step by Step guide for those Do’s and Don’ts in the modeling business today in today’s lifestyle and society for models , some guidelines to make you progress and be a better model in the industry , 

* As we all know how cut throat and challenging this business of modeling can be at times. 


Here is a list of some no no’s aka don’ts that is not a professional thing to do as a model in the modeling business of today :

A) Don’t….. miss an appointment without having canceled it first.

B) Don’t …….. ever knock an agency, another model, studio, producer…anyone, to someone in the industry. Too often, what goes around comes around.


( In other words don’t be nasty to anyone in the industry, keep things professional on a professional level. Don’t bash anyone on their work they do as it could harm you in the future. )

C) Don’t ….. eat, smoke, or drink in a studio, on the set or while wearing any garment that you are modeling, unless someone in authority gives the okay , or if the photo shoot theme entails you to do so.

D) Don’t ……. let REJECTION get to you. It’s part of the business and everyone in the business deals with it at one time or another. You may be the wrong type or your hair is the wrong color at the wrong time. There could be a thousand reasons why…..  Keep pushing IF you think you pass the physical and emotional requirements. Modeling is a career of rejection. If you can’t take the inevitable rejection, don’t get involved in modeling.

E) Don’t ……. give your home phone number to any client or to anyone you meet who claims they can help you in your work UNLESS of course you want that person to call on a purely personal basis. Give them your agency or answering service number.


  • AND ALSO REMEMBER you as a Model in this industry also have a voice as your ” NO means NO and your YES means YES”  ……. don’t let anyone persuade you in to do something that you don’t feel comfortable with or don’t want to do in the end.



A list of DO’S that will help you to go forward in your modeling career : 

A) Always remember to be on time for a appointment or photo shoot session or project that is scheduled for the given day and date of appointment. Being 10 minutes early is always a good thing and will be noticed

B)  Always have your working wardrobe ready at a moment’s notice. “Ready” means in good condition, with buttons on, spots off, and creases where they should be in and not where they shouldn’t be; shoes always cleaned and shined.

C) Always apply your make-up before going to the job, or allow time at the studio to do it on YOUR time – unless of course it is a cosmetics shot or that you have been advised that a make-up artist will be on the set.

D) Remember to get regular rest. If you can manage an afternoon nap, so much the better , before you go for that all important photo shoot on the day.

E) Always remember to stay hydrated at shoots bring a bottle water with to stay hydrated , as photo shoots can be very challenging and demanding on your body …….

“Remember what you put in is what you will get out in the end.”

F) Always watch your diet, avoid junk food.

G) Always remember to treat your clients and business associate on the given day of the photo shoot with the utmost respect as this will help you in your career in the long run …….. ( Good Manners and respect to each other is always a winning combo in the modeling Business )

H) Also remember to practice your given poses in front of a mirror a few times a week before the big day , so that when the day arrives to do the photo shoot everything will be on point ….. ready to go , to get that all important ” MONEY SHOT”  you and photographer are going for in the end.

I ) And always remember to stick to the given time limit in photo shoot projects as well as Submitting your photo shoot pictorials and needed info for submission to agencies and Magazine companies for future features. 

J) And always REMEMBER to keep your modeling portfolio up to date with your photo shoots , projects and info about you , plus keep your portfolio professional , classy……. as your portfolio and the image you portray as a model is the way of advertising yourself in the industry of modeling to get togs and companies and also sponsors and Magazines interested in you in working with you in the future.


  • AND ALSO REMEMBER : To stay positive , when you feel good about yourself you will look good and do good in the end. And never ever give up on your dreams you have as a model. ” Confidence is Key “


Article written by : Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO and Ashley Salazar