Every young girl grew up with the ” Barbie Doll ” factor …….. as all girls played with their Barbie Doll houses , Barbie Doll Dolls, dressing up their Barbie doll dolls with Barbie doll outfits and clothes , yes its safe to say back then in the Barbie doll era we were all “Barbiefied” and dolled up …….. 

Today we take you back into that Barbie era , as Barbie the toy doll figure inspires all not just in the toy doll world , but Barbie Doll Style is also shining through in the modeling and fashion industry , as we got our own unique Barbie Swag spin on things today. Our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews talented international photographer David Fillion and MOLLBABE model Bree Leigh. ” ALL DOLLED UP BARBIE STYLE “ 


1. Welcome David Fillion , give us a small introduction in who you are and where you reside from and what makes you …. whom you are today in the photography industry ?

  • Well thank you everyone , I am David Fillion, Grew up in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, moved to Hamilton, Ontario a few years ago. Started photographing several years ago, with landscapes and animals, however the past few years I started doing a lot more portrait-type work.

2. Also welcome back Bree Leigh , how does it feel to be featured now for the 3rd time with us MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and MOLLMAG USA respectively ?

  • I am really glad to be back and also really honored thank you ,missed my #MOLLMAGFAMILY very much.
CREDIT: http://davidfillion.com

3. Back to you David …..How did the Photography bug bite so to say …..how and when did the passion start back then?

  • Honestly, in High school, I needed an art credit, and I did not want to do painting, music, or the other artsy stuff – So I went with Photography. It was filmed photography at the time, and I found it interesting learning about developing of film and the darkroom. From there it developed into a passion, that developed and I love it.

4. In this photo set submission you sent us David , it gives that PINK BARBIE DOLL FASHION FRENZY LOOK , tell us what was the idea and planning behind it all along with MOLLBABE model Bree Leigh?

  • Bree Leigh is one my favorite models to photograph. She is always a blast to work with. We really have next to little planning when doing shoots together. With this set,she simply brought an outfit over for one of our shoots we did and within a few moments we had everything figured out.

5. Bree how did you enjoy this shoot?

  • Yep just like David said , we truly gell together like a well oiled team and machine , I brought the outfits with me to experiment and do some dress up mix and match today to give it that all unique style BARBIE DOLL look effect ,but thing is you have to be in the mood to do this #InTheZoneMomment ,and thats what we were aka in the zone today.

6. David tell us which type of photography and genre do you focus on?

  • I’m really open to shooting anything. I started with landscapes and animals, and then ventured into doing portraits and glamor/boudoir work. Past few years my work has been published internationally – with publications in magazines, as well as being a finalist in a few contests.
CREDIT : http://davidfillion.com

7. Let’s backtrack a bit which photography you did so far was the most challenging and why do u say so David?

  • I’d have to say weddings,I don’t do a lot of them, So when I get one,I do feel pressured to make sure I get the shots I need to get.
8. What or who inspires you in the work you do ?
There are many great photographers around, I don’t have anyone in particular I look up too.I do get inspiration through different magazines like MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, etc for ideas, and then go in and add my own twist on to them.

9. Back to you Bree ….. In this entertainment industry who inspires you in the work you do as a model?

  • Well Carmen Electra is my go to girl for sure,as there is one quote she said a while back that is sticking with me and that I remember until this day,and that is….“You know criticism when you get into this business.You accept the bad with the good,the tabloids and the positive side of it.”


Bra / Cup Size 32 C

Height 5’4 Eye Color Blue / Green

Hobbies Loves fitness staying fit and healthy and go for a refreshing run each day with the fur babies dogs she has as Bree is also a huge animal lover.