Today we look at the factors of LGBTQ in the elements of the SPORTING CODES in Sport and what it means for athletes of the LGBTQ community that are all sport stars in their respective sport codes they achieve in , as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder takes a closer look on this trending topic of the day…… 

We all know back in the day through the years it was really a on going struggle for athletes and sport stars thats part of the LGBTQ society or community to perform and glow as a superstar in their respective sporting codes back in the 80’s and 90’s ……..

well those days and struggles for athletes are over as more and more sporting codes are being open minded and opening its doors for LGBTQ Athletes to showcase their talents and achieve greatness…..  Recently in the American National Football League aka ( NFL ) The Minnesota Vikings held a SUMMIT of LGBTQ sport stars being included in the sporting code of the NFL for the future : 

Its not just the NFL FOOTBALL LEAGUE in the USA thats breaking the barriers of this trending topic but also OTHER SPORTING CODES like ,WWE wrestling,NBA Basketball,Soccer / Football,MMA Fighting, Boxing, Athletics and more……

In the sport of MMA ( mixed martial arts and cage fighting ) aka the UFC AND BELLATOR MMA made also history in LGBTQ as some of the women in the UFC division also raised eyebrows at #UFC224.

UFC MMA fighters and athletes Tecia Torres,Nina Ansaroff and Sijara Eubanks made history in the event that was held as they all openly are LGBTQ……

as Tecia Torres fiancée and training partner is well known UFC fighter Rachel Pennington and also Nina Ansaroff is currently dating UFC Womens Bantamweight champion aka Amanda Nunes.

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Then the LGBTQ community and sports stars also does not stop there,as mentioned there are also a few well known professional wrestling stars from the WWE whom also made big name for themselves past and present in the WWE…….

Superstars like :

  • Orlando Jordan 
  • Matt Cage 
  • Shelly Martinez 
  • Mae Young
  • Pat Paterson 
  • Ernie Roth
  • Rosa Mendez
  • Darren Young
  • Paige
  • Daria Berenato aka Sonya Deville


A few snapshots of WWE SUPERSTAR PAIGE in action –

#WWE SUPERSTAR Sonya Deville in action –

As Sonya is one of the WWE SUPERSTARS that is known these days showing her pride of being LGBTQ in all the fights shes scheduled in also using the WWE as a platform to make her voice also heard in Equality for LGBTQ in sport , being a true role model for fans and younger women and people whom look up to her as a role model in the sport and also in life it self.

“In all this said, we as human beings across the globe should take this as a example as life is not measured in race , gender or color, instead we must embrace life in pride,love,unity and equality for all no matter what your background is we all are equal and unified in colorful souls together striving to give and be our best we can be to make life as peaceful loving  joyful and successful on earth together as ONE HEARTBEAT for one and another.”

“SUCCEED THROUGH PRIDE LOVE AND SUCCESS in Equality and Unity for all with each other on earth”