As August month is here we bring you a ray of sunshine beauty with our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Miss August 2018 cover model MOLLBABE Aubri Ebony and Warren M. Eckstein Photography as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder


1. Warren in a nutshell tell us how and where did the passion for photography all start for you?

  • I have always loved photography, as my Father, who was an engineer by trade, was an expert slide photographer. I became interested as a child, challenged myself and worked a lot with scenic and landscapes, before moving into the glamour/model World.

And you Aubri tell us where you reside from and what makes you being you?

  • Well hello everyone, I love the modeling I do. I grew up in “CHAMPION CHI-TOWN CITY” CHICAGO ILLINOIS, but moved to Daytona Beach Florida and recently found my feet in Orlando Florida USA.

2. Back to you Warren, describe yourself in 3 word caption photograph?

“Warren M Eckstein/Always Share Beauty”

Graphic Cover Design by : Adeep Abdul Majeed / Fantasy Grfx – Digital/Graphic Artist and Arne Schreuder MOLLMAGSA CEO

Aubri Describe yourself in 3 words as a model in this industry ?

“I always make sure to have fun on shoots , love what I do, I have a bubbly personality and always smile, as everyone adores and loves my smile.”

3. Your most memorable photograph of all time Warren , where was it taken when was it taken and what story does that particular photograph have behind it for you personally ?

  • My favorite photograph and series is from a shoot in Las Vegas back in 2006, with a gorgeous model named Christine. That particular shoot delivered some of my best work but also showed my how amazing our business can be, as I was teamed up with the perfect professional and the combination was a catalyst for the work I am still proud of to this day.

4. Warren your photography style you are most comfortable with in doing ?

  • I’ve worked with a lot of different styles over the years but I generally prefer glamor style looks.

Back to you Aubri what type of modeling styles do you prefer in doing ?

  • I’ve been doing many different photo shoots with different concepts plus I’ve done also 20 runway fashion shows, also did a lot of promotional modeling as well as commercial and TV work as well, but today me and Warren did a Swimwear shoot for the cover , which I am very proud of and proud to be part of the MOLLMAG and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA FAMILY.
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5. That brings us to today’s cover shoot , Warren tell us what is the one thing that happened on shoot with Aubri and yourself today on shoot location #BTS MOMENT you will always remember ?

  • Aubri is an amazing professional. Skilled, talented and creative. and that  #BTS moment me and her had …well….

She and I worked together to create new and inventive ideas for each look we shot. I always find a great teamwork effort between photographer/model creates the best work. I feel the exchange of our ideas together is what created the successful shoot we attained.

6. Who keeps you inspired in photography Warren?

  • I stay inspired in the business by enjoying the work of so many other amazing talents, both in front of and behind the camera. And I always feel the desire to challenge myself to be better and better each day.
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7. Aubri tell us a bit more about the Acting skills you also have and the work you did on TV ?

“Well back in the days I did a few TV COMMERCIALS as well as starred on the TV shows namely, Chicagolicious and MTV Friend Zone in 2012.”

8. Back to you Warren please share with us your photography quote of the day you live by ?

“Live your Dreams”. Everything is attainable if you strive to work hard and succeed. Stay Driven and Stay Focused. Not always easy, but it’s worth the effort.

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9. Aubri give us your MOTTO you live by ?

“I struggle to find a balance in this world but I find peace in taking photos and helping others. Live life in peace,love and unity.”


Height 5’6″
Bust 32D
Waist 25″
Hips 36″
Shoe Size 7
Dress Size 0

#FUNFACT Aubri also loves Poetry

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