Beauty with Spice and everything lingerie lace style thats nice as today’s homegrown South African MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Vicky Erin Ramsingh gives us a spicy look to whom she is in todays modeling world,

As our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews to find out more about this Spiced Up Beauty and more……

Welcome Vicky ,

Vicky give us a sneak peek intro in who you are and how did your modeling career all start ?

Hello everyone,my name is Vicky Erin Ramsingh I am 24 years of age,I was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa.I am a proud mixture of Indian and mixed race.

I started my modeling career very late in my life, around 19 years where I entered into a competition to become the face of a well known cosmetic brand, which to my surprise I won and ever since,

“I have been extremely blessed as to where my career has taken me now.”

Photography Credit : Armand Cilliers Photography

What is the three things you love about modeling and why ?

a) I think the 3 things that I love about modeling would be the experiences you get to go through. I love to be put into situations that help you to learn new things and meet new people.

b) The skills you also acquire along the way that have molded me into the young lady I am today play a big part of why I do what I do.

c) But my ultimate answer as to why I love what I do, is when people have a certain misconception of what a model is and isn’t and when you don’t fit the “usual” bill and can still inspire so many girls with your career and give them hope, that really makes you feel good about who your are and what you do.

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10 ,when it comes to style ,looks and personality ?

“I think that’s such a touch one subject,cause there really are so many strong,empowering people who have used their platform to really make a difference.”

But the person who really stands out for me would be Kendall Jenner. I think she really changed the entire modeling game and took it by storm at such a tender age too.I think also having such a influential and stylish family also is a huge benefit as well.

If you could choose today between, Would you rather never use social media sites / apps again or never watch another movie or TV show , which will it be and why do you say so ?

I would definitely choose never to use social media sites or apps again.Even though I am eternally grateful to such platforms as they do play a major role in showcasing your work all over,I do feel like I do get too engrossed in my own media platforms that I forget to connect with real life and real people at times.

Explain your emotions in three words of how you feel that your part of our MOLLMAGSA JULY 2018 ISSUE as MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY ?

“Blessed,honored and grateful.”

Photography Credit : Armand Cilliers Photography

TURN ON AND TURN OFFS for you as a women in a relationship with your loved one , what do you look for in a relationship and what is a no no in your black book when it comes to relationships ?

I think the most important thing I look for in a relationship is if the connection is genuine and not based on what I look like or what I do as a career.

“A relationship should add value to your life, not take away from it.”

Where is the most beautiful place you have been or want to visit in future and why ?

I have actually never traveled outside of South Africa as yet so this is a question that is yet to be answered haha, however, one of my ultimate places to visit would be Amsterdam in the Netherlands….

“It’s not your usual holiday destination, but there is a lot of culture and experiences I would like to soak up while visiting there.”

How do you spend your free time to relax ?

My schedule does tend to get a little crazy as my hours I am active and working on my career are not your typical hours.So in my spare time I love to be absolutely boring haha.

Catch up on my reading as I grew up with a love for reading from my dad and also just spending my time with my loved ones who are my biggest supporters.

FIFA WC 2018 has gripped the nation which team is your favorite to win the WC ?

I am proudly South African so I am definitely supporting all the African teams first.But I also secretly support Netherlands… I have for the past few world cups now.


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