July month is here and some of us feels that winter breeze , as South Africa embrace itself for that winter chill , but never fear this …… as our JULY 2018 EDITION packs a sizzling fire cracker punch of beauty and so much more as we introduce #MissJuly2018 and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA covermodel SIMONE SHANNON SMITH interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder.


1. Simone,firstly congrats on being named as our MOLLMAGSA MISS JULY 2018 MOLLBABE cover model , how does this make you feel as you are our POSTER BEAUTY FOR THE MONTH OF JULY ?

  • Hi everyone,Thank you once again for having me as your mollbabe feature for the 2nd time,plus this time also the mollbabe Cover Model for this months issue July 2018.This is my very first cover so I’m very honored to be a covermodel for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.

“I’m very excited to do more shoots in the future for the magazine as I have loads of creative ideas under my belt waiting to be photographed.”

Cover graphics and design by : Adeep Abdul Majeed at Fantasy Grfx – Digital/Graphic Artist and Arne Schreuder

2. How did this idea come about for the photo shoot for the cover for us ?

  • Well me and CEO Arne Schreuder threw around some ideas and we both decided we want to capture that cozy elegant sensual bedroom boudoir look for JULY as its the winter season and the cold has gripped South Africa this month with much needed rain and some cold weather here in Cape Town.Decided to spice it up with some special designer red and black lingerie and also some superb makeup.“Thank you so much it truly makes me feel like a true goddess today.”

3. Which close friend or family …….. has had the biggest impact on your life and why ?

  • My mom,my Aunt and my best friend my cousin.My mom has accomplished a business and managed to still keep it going even though times get tough!My Aunt as she teaches me very valuable lessons every day which I’m so grateful to learn.

My cousin as she is the closet person I can share anything and everything with and she wont judge me for my wrong doings or mistakes! I love them very dearly and glad to have such strong powerful women in my life.

4. What is the silliest recent fashion trend you’ve seen or heard of for this season ?

  • OMG the Yeezy Ripped up sweaters are seriously ridiculous I can’t understand why somebody would wear clothes with holes in them so so funny, it cracks me up  hahaha.

5. What would be the most surprising fact people would be most surprised to find out about you Simone please share ?

  • Well I figured since my family and friends know so I might as well tell you all as well that I’m also not just a part time model I am also an exotic dancer for stag parties on weekends.I’m very professional at what I do and take my job seriously. I prefer to do dance at stag parties because sometimes the Clubs require you to do a lot more for cash and that ain’t my style, not that I’m bashing any dancers about how they may earn their money,but it ain’t my style…….

“Its not a secret any more,I am not just a part time model but also a professional exotic dancer.”

Photography Credit : Jason Purcel @ Bearly Photography

6. What would be your perfect Saturday Night or #GirlNight be like ?

My perfect girl night would be a serious at home pamper party with all you can get glam glow glitter masks , Wet ‘n wild nail vanishes ,relaxing massages from a mobile pamper party company ahhhh……… now that there is true bliss you know.

7. Most inspiring quote for today ?

“Spread love everywhere you go.Let nobody ever come to you without leaving happier.”