The night is young and the cold winters is settling in,but tonight is a night like no other as we heat it up and get cozy with today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE Danielle Lynn together with Jude Vickery Photography in a July month Lingerie Special as they get interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder.


1. Tell our viewers and fans what have you been up to since we featured you as a MOLLBABE FEATURE last year ?

  • I have been traveling all over the United States modeling. I have been to Miami, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, and St. Louis to name a few! I’ve been working with some pretty amazing photographers.

2. We also know your a huge sport fanatic ……. as it is FIFA WC 2018 season and the football soccer fever in RUSSIA has the world talking,we want to know whom is your favorite soccer player aka eye candy on the pitch plus also who do you think will win the world cup if you have to place a bet ?

  • The soccer players whom are true eye candy to me on the field are Croatia’s – Duje Caleta-car and Switzerland’s – Roman Burki… those two are sizzling,plus since the 2 big teams Germany and Brazil are out of the FIFA WORLD CUP 2018….I am rooting for Croatia baby ( wink wink )
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3. Lets imagine the following Danielle ……….Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day? which will it be if you could choose one and why ?

  • I would rather be invisible for a day and go to places I normally wouldn’t be allowed to go.

“It’s the mischievous side of me.Plus I’d spy on people as well it’s always fun to know things you shouldn’t”

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4. What would be your perfect weekend and how would you spend it plus with whom would spend it with and where in the world would you spend it at ?

  • I would spend it on a beach somewhere exotic with a tropical drink in hand. I’d spend it with the ones I love including my kids! Go swim with the dolphins and horseback riding on the beach.

5. What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing ?

  • Someone once dared me to strip down and run on this gravel road in front of my friends house and then they locked the door so I couldn’t get back in the car !

6. Time to tell the truth ….. share a secret or two with us today ………..Did you ever flirted your way into a position of getting a free meal or drinks at a bar or club with someone you truly like a lot ?

“Well mmmmm……I have flirted my way out of a speeding ticket before.I also have flirted to get free drinks at clubs before,but……..never really with anyone I truly like though.”

8. Did you ever trip over your feet or had a bad fall while shopping in a mall while text-ting someone on your mobile phone ?

  • Surprisingly enough……I have never done that,but there is always a first time for everything,so fingers crossed and hopefully it wont happen to me anytime soon lol. (wink wink)
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9. Finally…..what is your message today you want to share with your fans,friends,loved ones today, #MakeItCount ?

  • My advice to everyone out there is don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something……

“Go after your dreams and chase them down until you accomplish them!”

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